Yu Shuxins high skull bow wearing method can double the amount of hair!

 Yu Shuxins high skull bow wearing method can double the amount of hair!

High cranial bow

In addition, it is highly recommended that you use this years super hot bow accessories on the top of the skull, which is not only full of girlish feeling, but also like reconstructing the high skull top, skillfully modifying the face shape and adding color to the shape!


Black basic

The most recommended one is Zhao Ruths bow. The classic black color is not abrupt. The bow has enough volume sense and is naturally integrated with the hair. You can tie a ponytail or half ponytail near the top of the head, and then fasten the bow to the position of the rubber band.

If the hair is tied in the front, it can increase the height of the skull top. If you use the bow knot to increase the height, your face will be smaller and your hair volume will be doubled.

Before Tang Yan attended the event with a similar shape, using a velvet bow, the whole person is like a delicate Barbie doll.

This kind of bow doesnt look tender, because its elegant with retro makeup and air bangs.

Also showing elegance with bows is Chung Chu Hsi, a large, stiff black bow that complements the wave dot bra skirt and pearl earrings.

When I go to the amusement park, I use the bow to stand up cos lovely Minnie.

The color bow is a little more difficult than black. In most cases, it depends on the color of clothes. Xinxinzis lotus root Purple Bow is harmonious with the color of the T-shirt.

Nazas deep orange bow is the same color as her dress.

Jisoos yellow bow tie is full of oil painting texture and matches the style of clothes. It is suitable for girls with fresh wind.

Double horsetail style

Butterfly u00b7 Xin this time used the lovely green lattice, feel very easy to find the same style!

Qi Wei is very good at this. She is exquisite and special.

Of course, double ponytail can also wear only a big bow, anyway, how to wear beyond the sister is reasonable.

In a word, the bow tie on the top of the skull,

Its really worth a try!

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