India has another new move to dechinize foreign enterprise executives in India

 India has another new move to dechinize foreign enterprise executives in India

To what extent can India get rid of Chinese products? The logical Indian news network quoted a report recently released by Indias Research Center for research and information systems in developing countries as saying that for about 4000 kinds of imported products from China, 327 products, including mobile phones, telecommunication equipment, cameras, solar panels, air conditioners and penicillin, can be found in alternative source countries or produced in India. The value of these sensitive imports accounts for three-quarters of total imports from China, according to the report.

Indias restrictions on Chinese products hurt many multinationals. Germanys Frankfurt report 11 Daily said that in an interview with Indian media recently, general manager of Volkswagen India bopare criticized Indias lack of business convenience, and called on the Indian government not to build a higher separation wall against China. Restricting or delaying the import of key parts from China is a retrogressive measure. Restrictions on imports will damage Indias domestic competitiveness and its export prospects.

Zhao Gancheng, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of international studies, told the global times on the 11th that Chinas export volume of IT products to India is very large, and its market share is also very high. Both network products and mobile terminals, including telecommunications equipment, are expected to bear the brunt of this round of Indias localization policy. In addition, Chinas mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, raw materials, etc. may also be killed by India. But it is doubtful whether India can achieve self-sufficiency through independent production.

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