Yu Chengqing and his wife rarely get together to celebrate the birth of their teacher Zhang Jiaxin

 Yu Chengqing and his wife rarely get together to celebrate the birth of their teacher Zhang Jiaxin

Zhang Xiaoyans birthday was celebrated by friends in her circle on August 10. Huang Zijiao, Meng Geng Ru and his wife, Tao Jingying, Pu Xueliang, Zhang Qingfang, Yu Chengqing and other couples showed up, shining with stars. They are all old friends for many years. They have a good time and have a group photo. In the big group photo, Netizens found the figure of Yu Chengqing (Harlem) and his wife. The two people rarely appeared together. They stood together and showed the same smile to the camera, which was very sweet.

Yu Chengqing and Zhang Jiaxin both hold champagne and pose as a toast. Zhang Jiaxin is thin, smooth and delicate, and looks like a happy little woman. She is very beautiful. Zhang Jiaxin, who has always kept a low profile, is also very rare this time. She would hide when she and her husband went to a friends party with her husband, but this rare appearance showed an unforgettable gentle temperament.

It is reported that before marriage, Zhang Jiaxin was an English anchor. After marriage, she mainly took care of her family. With a high degree, she can speak four languages, which is enough to match the musical talent Yu Chengqing. In order to solve the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, her husband Yu Chengqing bought a new house for his wife and lived in the downstairs of Harlems mother. In this way, he could take care of the old man and not make his wife feel aggrieved. It can be said that he devoted his heart to Zhang Jiaxin.

It is reported that on February 14, 2000, Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing registered for marriage in the United States after 14 years of love. Yus son Harry was born in the United States in 2002. On March 20, 2009, Yi Nengjing officially issued a divorce statement with Yu Chengqing through Huayi Brothers brokerage company.

As early as 2002, Yi Nengjing appeared on Zhang Xiaoyans show and confessed that she had a love affair before her marriage, but because she loved Yu Chengqing too much, she finally chose to return to Harlem, marry and have children. At that time, Zhang Xiaoyan only replied: to you, Harlem has always been consistent.

On February 10, 2014, Yi Nengjing and Qin Hao, 10 years younger than herself, appeared at the premiere of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, and their love affair was exposed. At 15:37 on September 3, 2014, Yi Nengjing, who was in Europe, announced through microblog that she had agreed to her boyfriend Qin Haos proposal in Turkey. On March 21, 2015, Yi Nengjing and her 10-year-old fiance Qin Hao held an island wedding on the beach of Phuket Island. On June 28, Yi gave birth to a daughter in the United States, named Xiaomi.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395