Huo Jianhua and his wife celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary

 Huo Jianhua and his wife celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary

When netizens saw these two photos, they were all surprised that Lao Lin would be shy. It seems that she is still like a child in front of her husband. She is full of heart and plays a protective role in the relationship between husband and wife.

Due to the epidemic situation, Huo Jianhua had a long holiday. During this period, in addition to accompanying his wife and daughter, he was eating, drinking and playing with friends. Taiwan media once pointed out that he had a plan to return to work this year. However, Hua GE has gained a lot of weight and has not yet entered the stage of weight loss. It is estimated that even if he wants to return, it will be by the end of the year. In the past year, Lin Xinru has been very busy and has shot many works. Just as her husband Huo Jianhua has a long vacation, they have also changed their roles briefly, that is, men take charge of the inside and women take care of the outside world. Lin Xinru makes money and Huo Jianhua takes care of the children.

Before that, Lin Xinru was filming in Taichung, and Huo Jianhua often took his daughter little dolphin to visit the class. The family of three would get together every month, and rarely would they not meet for several weeks. When Lin Xinru finished her work and returned to Taipei, she dated Huo Jianhua frequently. She was often photographed walking out of the house hand in hand. The picture was very sweet and the relationship seemed very stable.

On July 5, Lin Xinrus studio microblog announced the wedding news. On July 31, Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua held their wedding ceremony in Bali. Her sister Lin AI served as the bridesmaid, and many actors and friends in the circle attended the wedding. On September 7, Lin Xinru admitted to be pregnant for the first time. On January 6, 2017, Lin Xinru gave birth to her daughter little dolphin in Taiwan. She is more than 50 cm tall and weighs 3300 grams. Huo Jianhua has since become a daughter slave.

In 2019, when Lin Xinru appeared on the program, she rarely expressed her husband: Marrying Huo Jianhua is the happiest thing in my life.