Lillard set a number of records in the first World War!

 Lillard set a number of records in the first World War!

After the second round, the Trail Blazers made great strides. After todays game, they replaced the Grizzlies as the eighth team in the Western Conference, and all this was inseparable from Lillards play. Lillard scored 51 points against the 76ers, making him the first Blazers player to score 50 + in two consecutive games and the 12th player to achieve that. It is worth mentioning that this is the third time Lillard has cut 60 + this season, which makes him the first player after Chamberlain to score 60 + three times in a season.

Lillard felt hot at the beginning of the game, hitting the middle, fouls, layups, even 6 points, but also helped Collins lay up. When the team fell behind, Lillard hit two three points in a row to respond strongly to the lone ranger. Then first assists Collins three-point shot in, and then completes the cut-off long-distance pass, teammates lay up.

After the second quarter, Lillards feeling was still hot. Whether it was the outside three-point after the cover, the layup after the small strong outburst, or the counterattack fast attack, he played vividly. Even in the face of the package, he was not afraid at all, but also assisted CJ to hit three points. At half-time, the Blazers were eight points ahead.

After another battle in Yidi, Lillard, who felt hot, could hardly stop him. He hit three points in a row, almost hitting the bottom of his opponent. But the lone ranger then set off a counterattack and realized the anti super, and it was Lillards fouls and assists to maintain the leading edge for the team.

The lone ranger in the last quarter wanted to pull off, but Lillard changed his strategy. When the team fell behind, he hit the free throw line wildly, and made three-point fouls on the outside line. The fast layup, counterattack and shielding three-point were still efficient. The Blazers have been in a desperate situation several times, but Lillard either made a three-point exit or helped Anthony to score three points, always keeping the score.

After the game, he even said to the broadcast camera: put some respect on my fu * ckingname!

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