Young parents are in pursuit of NBA European golden boy, and his 5-month-old son becomes an online star

 Young parents are in pursuit of NBA European golden boy, and his 5-month-old son becomes an online star

Luca also has a 2-year-old brother Ethan. Last year, the fanatical Lone Ranger fans and his wife sent him to the side of the court to have a photo with Kuban, Boban and bolzingis. This time, little Luca was on camera, and dongqiqi quietly praised the feature of the tweet.

Luca Alexander, five months old, was not the youngest Luca. Eighteen hours before East Chichi won 30 + 20 + 10 against the king, a baby named Luca fox was born. His father tweeted, the world needs more Lucas.

This sentence has become a fact: according to the US local name census, there were only six children named Luca who were born in 1975, and then grew slowly. But by 2018, Dong Qiqi entered the NBA, with 1041 new boys and 28 girls.

Dongqiqis popularity does not only affect childrens naming:

In the 2019-20 season, for the first time in many years, the American Airlines Center at Dallas has increased the ticket price by an average of $15 per ticket, but it is still sold out immediately after sale. Fans who fail to seize the ticket can only go to the second-hand ticket website to buy more expensive tickets to watch Dong Qiqis magical performance. Before the second round, Dong Qiqi held the third place in the weekly MVP list. When the game entered the Disney World in Orlando, Dong Qiqi scored three triple doubles in five games and played 20 rebounds or 19 assists in a single game.

No matter Dallas fans, basketball fans all over the United States and the world, dongchic is the best and most appropriate national idol. He is not only excellent at playing, but also has a comfortable affinity and high Eq. Not long ago, when the League announced the candidates for the major awards, Dong Chichi, together with Adebayor and Ingram, became the candidates for the fastest-growing players. Dong Chichi forwarded his reply, I should not be on this list. Graham of the Hornets should be here.

Dong Qiqi is so popular in the league that the people who want his photo taken and Autographed will be long. Its not like the style of first-class stars to treat autographs and group photos, but it doesnt affect Dong Qiqis signing of a 20 million year-old shoe contract. Other big brand endorsements are just around the corner.

Luca dongqiqi seems to be the role that God is destined to become a star. His father, Sasha dongqiqi, is a professional basketball player and basketball coach; his mother is a hurdler, dancer and model, and runs a beauty salon. The only child Luca inherited his parents sports talent and high looks. He started playing juvenile games at the age of 8, playing in the 11 year old group; at the age of 13, he went to Real Madrid to lead the team to second place in Spains Under-14 group, and also won the MVP. Dong Qiqis average score was 34.5 points, and he scored a 54 point triple double in the final. So in that year, Real Madrid signed Dong Qiqi with a formal contract, which was in September 2012. Dong Qiqi, who was born in February 1999, was only 13.5 years old.

Dont speak Spanish flew from Slovenia to Spain by plane and began to play at the youth level. At 16, he became the youngest player in Real Madrids history. A year later, the 17-year-old has been the main rotation of Real Madrid.

In 2017-18 season, Dong Chichi entered the second grade of Real Madrid. Sergio yoi, who started with a serious Achilles tendon injury, began to take over the No. 7 shirt as the teams number one player, with 25 points per game becoming the norm. He has two idols on the basketball court, one is spanolis, nicknamed Kill Bill, dongchic because he chose the number 7; the other is LeBron James, who likes his all-round skills.

So after his first confrontation with James, though the lone ranger lost 113-114 to the Lakers, Dong Chichi was still excited and happy. He was like a little fan in the Laker locker room until the staff handed him a jersey that James had just worn through the game. After James signed it, he wrote a blessing on it: fight for greatness..

Donchichi likes LeBrons basketball IQ, and he is already the leagues highest basketball IQ player. The same height is more than two meters No. 1, Dong Qiqi from the urine habit and physical conditions stronger senior players on the field, and when he grew up, began to use the physical advantage to complete the attack. As early as in the Slovenian and Real Madrid youth teams, Dong Qiqi was deliberately arranged by the head coach to train in the weaker group, and even changed him to the backward team in the middle of the game. However, Dong Qiqi never enjoyed it. He said that he not only liked to win, but also preferred to win the game with his efforts in adversity.

With LeBrons autograph, donchichi laughs like a child.

There are several tattoos on Dong Qiqis body, one of which is Latin non desista, non exieris, which is translated as never give up, never give up. He has a tiger in his left forearm. After helping Slovenia win the championship, he also won the gold cup of the 2017 European Championship on his right hip.

In fact, Dong Qiqi is one of the few players who have tattoos before entering the NBA, but on the other hand, he is a real good boy. Although his parents separated when he was a child, he had a good relationship with his parents, and his mother often came to the scene to watch the war for him. Dong Qiqi has a girlfriend he met as a teenager, and his childhood relationship has been going to the present.

He doesnt smoke or drink, only occasionally he likes to eat junk food, and he smiles embarrassed when he is mentioned about hamburgers and French fries. When there was no competition, he liked to play at home with Baume named Hugo. During the Chinese games, he hid in the house and played Fortress night with Dennis Smith.

Dong Qiqi from Europe doesnt speak English very well, but he is a thoroughly grown up child in American culture, so there is no problem in integrating into the team. He and bolzinghis can chat in Spanish, and they can make all kinds of funny things in training, show football footwork, make pranks with trainers, and make fun of majeri and Boban. In the words of the trainer, when training with Dong Qiqi, he will never be bored, and the happy time has passed for a long time.

But on the other hand, Dong Qiqi actually has a very high demand on himself: he specially asked Himkis trainer to do intensity training at home during the off-season. Its also on the news - the trainer said in an interview, Don Chichis physical training is great, maybe he cant play directly, but judging from his physical strength, as long as he comes back to Dallas to practice with his teammates for a few days, he can play directly.

As a result, this paragraph was taken out of context, and the media questioned Dong Qiqis body is not enough for the game, so that the trainer made a dozen answers to clarify the fact. However, Dong Qiqi didnt care about this. When he joked with the trainer, he said, whats the state of your body? Youll know after playing the game.?

After the second round, Dong Qiqis average per game was 33.4 points, 11.6 rebounds and 11.6 assists.

In fact, don Chichi doesnt like to use his popularity and appeal like those big stars. In late August 2019, he begged agent bill Duffy to take him to the stadium near the home Oracle stadium of warriors to participate in the internal training organized by Curie. There were only a dozen players in the training match. There was no special video cameraman or live broadcast online. Dong Qiqi to participate in the training match, even the boss Mark - Kuban did not know.

Dong Qiqi and Curie cherish each other. He learned from Curies skills of quick shot and super long three-point, and how to make more fake moves on the move and how to use the cover of his teammates to find better shooting space. But at the end of the match, which mixed NBA stars and the strongest high school students, the group of young people gave sincere admiration, Luca is basketball Experts.

The original one hour training match lasted three hours because everyone played happily.

Dong Qiqi naturally attracts the attention of fans, including the children of star players. On December 31, 2019, the lone ranger visited staples stadium to meet the Lakers. Kobe was sitting on the sideline. He was asked by his daughter, Gianna, to take her to see Dong Qiqi. When he was on the court, Kobe and East Chichi were talking Slovenian rubbish. At the end of the game, cobila came over, embarrassed Gianna, learning from the photographer, arranged for two people to stand in position.

That was the last time Kobe was on the sidelines. he left the best spirit to me, he said.

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