Ren Junfei: I didnt think the League was in a bad state. He did what leaders should do

 Ren Junfei: I didnt think the League was in a bad state. He did what leaders should do

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Ren Junfei is interviewed (source: Netease sports)

When talking about the key to the teams victory, he said it was speed and counterattack, and continued to attack each others weaknesses. We have maintained the speed today, because Liaoning has relatively less rotation. Our characteristics are speed and counterattack. At the beginning, everyones physical fitness is almost the same. We dont have much advantage, but we stick to our playing method and attack their weaknesses continuously. We have maintained a good performance in this game. Ren Junfei said.

In this game, Yi Jianlian, the core player of Guangdong team, made 1-for-7 shot and handed over the report card of 2 points and 9 rebounds. Although the offensive side felt bad, Ren Junfei said that the League did what the leader should do. I dont think that United brothers state is bad. He creates opportunities for his teammates. This is what a leader should do. Although he didnt score, we won. He rebounded and defended Helped the team. The next scene is just plain hearted. Go back to watch the video and keep fighting spirit in the next scene.

In this service, Ren Junfei hit 5 goals in 8 shots and got 12 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist. At 8:00 p.m. on August 13, Guangdong team and Liaoning team will usher in the second fierce battle in the finals.