Lei Jun unveils Xiaomi new factory: investment of 600 million yuan, unmanned production in the whole process

 Lei Jun unveils Xiaomi new factory: investment of 600 million yuan, unmanned production in the whole process

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi intelligent factory currently undertakes three roles: 1) a black light factory with an annual output of one million high-end mobile phones; 2) a large laboratory for pre research of new processes, materials and technologies; and 3) a experimental base for manufacturing equipment and automation production lines.

Lei Jun said that on the basis of continuing sincere cooperation with OEM, Xiaomi began to deeply participate in the manufacturing industry. At present, Xiaomi has not only developed a large number of high-end equipment, but also designed and completed a fully automated high-end mobile phone production line.

It is reported that Xiaomi intelligent factory, with a total construction area of 18600 square meters and an investment of 600 million yuan, is an intelligent black light factory. The so-called black light factory can realize the whole process of production management, mechanical processing, packaging, storage and transportation of unmanned black light production.

In order to achieve black light factory, the most important thing is the self decision-making system. The decision support system of ordinary factory is very mature as an assistant decision tool, but the final subject of these decisions is human, and the machine is only a method of processing data to assist modeling.

The self decision making system is a decision-making process that uses big data, analysis engine, dynamic knowledge map, natural language understanding and self-adaptive ability to identify, judge and reason complex problems on the basis of dynamic and multi-dimensional information collection, and make forward-looking and real-time decision-making process. At the same time, the system should have the ability of self-optimization, self-learning and self-adaptive.

According to reports, Xiaomi intelligent factory has a number of core self-developed technologies, including self-developed board testing system, central dispatching control platform, automatic calibration visual algorithm, self-developed and integrated testing system, parallel software system, intelligent control center, etc. Based on this, Xiaomi intelligent factory can realize automatic unmanned production in smtpcb surface assembly, board testing, mainboard processing, pre assembly and whole machine testing.

Xiaomi intelligent factory is designed to have an annual production capacity of 1 million. In addition to being used as a high-end flagship special production line of millet, Xiaomi intelligent factory also makes efforts in new process development, pre research projects, benchmarking standard process output, and automation equipment research and development.

The Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition released on the same day is the first super high-end model for mass production of Xiaomi intelligent factory, among which the transparent version of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version is all produced by Xiaomi intelligent factory.

In November 2019, at the world 5g conference, Lei Jun revealed for the first time that the future factory of Xiaomi construction will be completed within 10 minutes drive from Beijing Yizhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center.

He also said that the factory will use automation production line, 5g network, robot, big data, cloud service platform and other technologies on a large scale, so the production efficiency will be very high. It is estimated that 60 smart phones will be automatically produced per minute, and the efficiency will be increased by more than 60% compared with traditional factories.

(author: Bai Yang, editor: Xu Xu)

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541