55106 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in the United States, exceeding 5 million 130 thousand cases.

 55106 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in the United States, exceeding 5 million 130 thousand cases.

Just seven days after schools reopened in northern Georgia, more than 800 students and staff were told to segregate. The governor said he was satisfied with the reopening of schools across the state, a move that raised widespread concerns among parents and students.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said at a news conference on Monday (10) that he was satisfied with the reopening of schools across the state. To be honest, I think everything went well this week except for two pictures of the virus, the governor said Parents expressed their opposition. A parent at Cherokee school told NBC news that she was frustrated about how to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic. She said positive cases should be a danger signal for the region and that its just a matter of time before it gets out of control..

More than 23000 people died of new coronavirus in New York, USA

Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were reported in New York, USA, as of August 11th, and about 4626 people died of new crown virus, up to 23592, according to official data.

Although the new definition of death as coronavirus positive in New York City, there is no evidence of death in New York City. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been confirmed in New York, and at least 56599 people have been hospitalized for treatment, according to official statistics.

Italy introduced novel coronavirus pneumonia coping plan in autumn and winter

On August 11th, novel coronavirus pneumonia preparations and coping strategies were issued to the major regions, ministries and commissions and related institutions in Italy on August 11th. The guidelines were conducted to conduct inspections and intensification of medical systems in all parts of the country, so as to prepare for the second wave of possible epidemic in autumn and winter.

The plan lists four possible situations of Italian domestic epidemic in autumn and winter, namely maintaining the current level of regional transmission, continuous transmission and diffusion that the medical system is capable of coping with, continuous spread of risk to the medical system and transmission that endangers and cannot be controlled by the medical system. In view of each situation, the scheme has formulated specific countermeasures.

1397 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in France, totaling 204172 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in France by 11 days, according to the latest announcement of the French health department on the day of 14, and 204172 cases were confirmed by 1397 new cases of pneumonia. There were 14 new deaths, with a total of 30354 deaths, including 19849 deaths in hospitals and 10505 deaths in social medical institutions such as disabled nursing homes.

Ministry of foreign affairs of Mexico: phase III clinical trial of new coronal vaccine from the United States and China

The Mexican government has signed an agreement with a US laboratory and two Chinese laboratories to conduct the third phase of clinical trial of the new crown vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnsons Janssen Pharmaceutical Company, Chinas consino company and Watson biotechnology company, Mexican Foreign Minister Ehud said at a daily news conference.

Fudge warning: the United States may be hit by the new crown and flu in autumn and winter

AnthonyFauci, the novel coronavirus pneumonia leader, warned that if the public did not observe the guidelines of wearing masks and social isolation, the United States might respond to the double outbreak of influenza and new crown pneumonia in autumn and winter.

When the epidemic broke through 20 million, what are the people of all countries worrying about?

During the outbreak, YouGov, a pollster, collaborated with Imperial College London to collect views on covid-19 behavior worldwide. The survey covers 29 countries and regions, and about 21000 people are surveyed every week.

According to its data, after the total number of confirmed cases in the world reached 10 million, most countries and regions turned to negative attitude towards the problem that the global epidemic situation is improving. In the August 3 survey, even Indonesia, the most optimistic country, saw less than half of the people believing that the world epidemic would ease, compared with only 15% in Spain, which is the most pessimistic for the time being.