Chinas field cooking squad went to Russia for 5 entries, winning 4 first and runner up.

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 Chinas field cooking squad went to Russia for 5 entries, winning 4 first and runner up.

According to the official website of Russias 2018 International Military Competition, the field cooking event is a test of the comprehensive ability of cooking classes in the international military competition. The competition consists of five events, three of which are counted as total points. The 5 items are:

1. Cooking class field shooting, the project is a 100-meter fixed target position recumbent shooting competition, composed of four cooks. According to a previous report by the Ministry of National Defense, four Chinese team members, Chen Xiaodong, Jiang Heng, Sun Ying and Tan Yan, used a home-made 03 assault rifle, each with three rounds of bullets, scoring 115 rings, ranking first in the group. Among them, Daniel Chan scored the best in 30 rings.

2. Western food is made by oneself. Each team is required to make four kinds of Russian dishes according to the ingredients provided by the Russian side: a cold dish, a soup, a staple dish made of meat or fish, a drink. The ingredients of the competition are provided by the organizers according to the demand of each dish to 20 competitors. In this project, the Chinese team did not use its own multi-purpose field cooker, but used Russian cooking equipment to make only fresh fructose water, capital salad, miscellaneous soup, mushroom stuffing with buckwheat and other four Russian dishes, according to a previous report on the official website of the Chinese Army. These works are pure in working procedure and unique in taste. After a collective vote of 12 referees, the Chinese team beat the Russian team to the first place with a score of 352 points.

Our army cook is making western food.

The western food produced by our army

Russian audiences are enjoying the western food source produced by Chinese cooking class: the Ministry of defense network.

The final award is being assessed by the jury. Song Kejia

3. the competition of cooking and baking bread is decided by the organizer according to the menu and recipes. The competition was decided by the judges to provide food in the recipe. Each team was asked to bake at least 12 pieces of bread weighing no less than 1.1 kg and no more than 1.2 kg according to the recipe. China ranks second in the project.

The source of bread made by the Israeli army on Western food production: Social Media

4. National Masters Competition, the team to create free domestic dishes, the project is not included in the score. According to observer network previously reported, in this project, our team members won the total score first. In this project, the Chinese team produced 8 kinds of special dishes, such as Yangzhou Lion Head, Osmanthus Sweet Lotus Root, and 4 kinds of staple food, such as small steamed bun, Longxu crisp and crystal steamed dumpling, totaling 30 people. In less than 10 minutes, the audience was eaten away. After tasting Beijing roast duck, crispy scallops and golden silk cakes, Shao Yigu was full of praise: Chinese food is still so delicious! The last national dish made by the Chinese team was very delicious and impressive, field cook Maksim praised in announcing the results.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu feels free to create food

The Russian army makes meat strings in free production.

5. field field cooking class physical fitness competition, the project is not included in the total score. According to previous reports by the Ministry of defense, the participating teams were composed of leaders and 2 players. Three people must relay to complete the 300-meter ring race, 50 kg barbell grabbing 10 times, 24 kg kettle bell overtopping 6 times, 16 kg kettle bell overtopping 10 times, 50 cm platform jumping 15 times, 10 times of push-ups and 30 kg weight relay race and 20 meters rope climbing and flushing. The Chinese team sent Pan Shouyong, the leader of the brigade, and 2 fighters of Jiang Heng and Daniel Chan. The 3 team members worked closely together, and finally won the first prize in 5 minutes and 19 seconds.

The Chinese team won the first place in the four events of field cooking physical fitness, cooking class shooting and western food selection and national food production by master group. However, due to physical fitness and national food exhibition excluded final results, and the Chinese team did not lead much in shooting and Western food selection (western food). The optional dishes were only one point ahead of the second place, so they lost a lot of points to Russia in the total score and won the second place.

Second Chinese cook squad

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