Nine people arrested in Portland, USA

 Nine people arrested in Portland, USA

The protest in Portland has been going on for more than two months since the death of African American man Freud triggered anti racism and police violence. Recent demonstrations show that clashes between local police and protestors have spread from the city centre to the citys police stations.

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Riots in Chicago: 13 police injured and more than 100 arrested

According to the Chicago authorities on August 10, local time, Chicago City, including high-end shopping district, a number of robbery and riots occurred in the night of 9, resulting in 13 police injured and more than 100 people arrested. It is understood that hotels and shops have become targets of attack.

This is not an organized protest, police said, but a purely criminal incident.. The cause of the robbery is unclear, Reuters reported.

Chicago police chief David Brown said that on the afternoon of 9, a 20-year-old black man in the citys Englewood community tried to attack civilians with a gun. Police rushed to the scene and injured the man in the crossfire. After that, dozens of people and police had an hour long confrontation. From then on, social media began to have words that encouraged looting in the city. At about 12:00 am on October 10, more than 50 vehicles gathered on North Michigan Avenue, a high-end business district in the city, and windows and doors of some shops were smashed. The police sent 400 police to the scene to maintain order. At one point, the police fired at the police, and then the police returned fire.

Chicago police said that at present will increase the deployment of police force in the city of Chicago, normal time will be notified. The arrested are expected to face charges including robbery, disorderly conduct and beating police.

Its a crime beyond doubt, said Lori letford, mayor of Chicago. At present, the municipal government has launched a block protection plan to ensure local security.

It is reported that light rail and bus services to downtown Chicago have been temporarily suspended, and bridges on the Chicago River have been lifted to prevent people from entering or leaving the city. Traffic is expected to resume later on the 10th.

According to the Chicago Tribune, mayor leitford said that the nights robbery was a chain reaction of the Cook County judicial system to indulge criminals. Poverty, she said, should not be the reason for the quick release of criminals. Wright Ford called on Illinois prosecutor Kim fox to bring to justice those who robbed, disrupted and beat police. Earlier this year, Chicago police had expressed dissatisfaction with the systems over indulgence of criminals. In response, fox Office spokesman Simonton responded that Fox advocated that nonviolent criminals should not be held for too long, which was tantamount to punishing the poor.

Another riot broke out in a city in the United States. The protestors threw knives at the police and used mortars

On the evening of July 2 local time, large-scale riots broke out again in Portland, Oregon, USA. Some protestors set off industrial fireworks during the protest, causing one person to be injured. There were also protestors firing mortars outside the local court. When the police dispersed the crowd, some even threw a knife at the police

RT: the Portland riots continued into the early hours of the morning, with fireworks exploding in the faces of the protestors

According to Russia today (RT) 3, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Portland to hold a protest on the evening of the 2nd, which was peaceful at first, but gradually turned into a large-scale conflict.

According to local police, at about 23:42 p.m. on the 2nd, when police tried to disperse the crowd, some protestors began to use catapults to fire big stones, cans and bottles at the police, triggering a conflict between the police and the protestors.

Police said there were also protestors setting off industrial fireworks in the streets. Video taken by witnesses at the scene showed that a demonstrator was injured after being hit by instantly exploded fireworks, and then was carried away by others. And the protestors posted photos of them using mortars outside the citys court to explode at the scene.

Protestors use mortars to fire outside the courthouse

The Portland police department issued a statement at 23:52 p.m., confirming that there was a large-scale conflict near the court, saying the statement was to protect the lives of people inside and outside the federal court.

Rt said that at about 0:46 a.m. local time on the 3rd, some of the protestors returned to the local court and continued to fire with mortar outside, and the scene instantly ignited flames.

According to reports, police arrested some people on the evening of the 2nd, but the exact number of arrests has not been known. Police also said an open folding knife was thrown at the police during the confrontation with the protestors.

Photo source: Portland police station website

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