The first experience of Xiaomi 10 supreme Commemorative Edition: the strongest weapon to impact the high-end market

 The first experience of Xiaomi 10 supreme Commemorative Edition: the strongest weapon to impact the high-end market

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[Marvel technology] Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition experience: ten years of Technology Master (source: original)

Ten years ago, I was a young student with a lot of money in my pocket. I was not willing to look cheap but experience poor domestic android. I couldnt catch up with the Apple iPhone and the international famous android with high price. I could only use the outdated Nuoji machine.

To get to the point, Im not very impressed with the color of this silver plate, although it did give me a thrilling feeling when I unpacked it. But after getting started, a fatal problem was exposed, that is, fingerprint contamination.

Is the bright silver version cool or not? Cool! But if you are a bare machine user like me, Im afraid you have to spend a lot of time every day to wipe the back shell of the phone, which is like a mirror. Its really tiring! So if you love it, you still have to shell it. However, the bright silver plate is not the only color of it. The Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is available in three colors: ceramic black, bright silver and transparent version. They are all familiar with the name youmuyou! In contrast, in fact, I still look forward to the transparent version.

After finishing the color matching, I have just experienced this mobile phone. To be honest, I found that it can definitely be called the best Xiaomi mobile phone. First of all, it is a kind of porcelain feeling, not that it has heavy hands (of course, 221.8g overall weight is slightly heavier than 208g Xiaomi 10pro), but the feeling is definitely high-end inside the machine u3002 Thats a kind of subtle texture feedback. The medium and low-end mobile phones are just blowing flowers, and they cant achieve such texture.

However, if I was forced to describe it, I couldnt express it clearly. It can only be said that its hand feel is absolutely better than that of Xiaomi 10pro, even if its 9.45mm body thickness is slightly thicker than Xiaomi 10pros 8.96mm.

In terms of screen, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition adopts a brand-new 6.67 inch OLED hyperbolic full screen with 1080p resolution and 19.5:9 screen scale. It supports dci-p3 color gamut and original 10bit color depth display. MEMC motion compensation and hdr10 + are also available. It can reach 1120nit peak brightness in sunlight, with 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate, which are the basic parameters of the screen.

The screen, which is equipped with the original 10 bit color depth screen, boasts 1.07 billion color displays, 64 times that of the traditional 8-bit screen. Normally, this means that the picture is more delicate and the color transition is smoother.

However, if you used an OLED phone before, you cant find anything unique on this screen without comparison. To put it bluntly, there is no big difference in the display effect of several mainstream OLED screen flagship phones on the market. Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version can only be said to be used normally. The screen looks very comfortable and the color display is very accurate. There is no obvious difference between the previous MI 10 Pro screen and the previous MI 10 Pro screen in daily use. Of course, compared with the 90hz refresh rate of Xiaomi 10pro, the 120Hz refresh rate of the screen can still feel some subtle differences in the system experience, and it is really better to use.

In other aspects, Xiaomis layout is basically the same as that of Xiaomi, but the main camera module takes up more space due to the focus on upgrading the rear camera module, especially the huge periscope zoom lens. Perhaps because the design of the lens module is a bit similar to the feeling of digital cameras in earlier years, this Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition looks more comfortable and more quality and technology than Xiaomi 10pro visually.

Stereo dual speakers can also be retained, but the upper and lower parts are not symmetrical. The top of the fuselage adopts a single hole. Therefore, when playing a movie, the stereo effect does exist. However, there will inevitably be some differences in the size of the sound coming out from the top and the bottom. This performance is not as good as that of the Xiaomi 10pro.

The rest of the key interface is nothing to say, they are in your familiar position, will not bring you any inconvenience.

In terms of configuration, before I got the phone, I thought, as a commemorative version of Xiaomis 10th anniversary, it must have been the top cover configuration of that year. However, when I saw the configuration list, I was still shocked. As our evaluation machine has always been the top configuration version, but the new generation of 16GB super large capacity lpddr5 running memory is a bit shocking. The small window function of miui12 is sure to eat memory, but the 16GB running memory still feels a little surplus. Ufs3.1 is still used in the storage specification. There is nothing to say about this. The proper performance is excellent.

Just when I was full of joy, I found that the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative mobile phone adopted the CPU model of Qualcomm sm8250, that is, the snapdragon 865. It was not the latest snapdragon 865 +. It was also a little surprising and a little disappointed. Fortunately, the mood is still in the controllable range. Under the test of many flagship mobile phones in 2020, the performance of the snapdragon 865 is still very worthy of affirmation. If you dont accept it, you can run a point~~

In fact, the performance of nearly 650000 is also an affirmation of Xiaomis optimization ability. Even if there is a small gap compared with the initial expectation, the performance of running points is still exciting enough.

In the game experience, this mobile phone gives me the most intuitive feeling is stable! At the highest image quality, Kings glory, peace elite, fifth personality and Collapse 3, the performance of each game is very comfortable. Especially with the 240Hz sampling rate, you will find that the touch tracking is very high and the response is very sensitive. This feeling is also very subjective and subtle. It is not easy to describe the experience. I can only say that the game experience of this mobile phone is not inferior to any so-called game mobile phone on the market. Well, thats it

There is another point that needs to be explained is the heat dissipation treatment. Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version is a cooling system composed of VC liquid cooling, graphene and graphite. If I remember correctly, it should be the same set of heat dissipation configuration used by Xiaomi 10pro. This time, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is made of six layers of graphite structure. Except for the antenna, the area is basically covered with graphite flakes, covering 70% of the total area. There are also 8 temperature sensors. The temperature control is very accurate.

We do not explore how to operate the internal temperature control. We only talk about the effect. Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version should be said to be very excellent in temperature control. At least in personal actual comparison, it is better than Xiaomi 10pro. The highest temperature is about 40 degrees centigrade. The feel of the core heating area is not obvious, and the temperature is evenly spread when using. I tried to download large files and play games for about an hour, but the temperature did not rise significantly. This is simple to say, but it is difficult for many mobile phones.

Talk about the new aircrafts continuation. The 10 extreme commemorative edition of the millet is not much to be said in terms of endurance. The 120Hz high brush is used to open the game. The game has the highest picture quality. The fifth personality has 30 power failures in 8% minutes. The glory of the king has been reduced by 8% in 30 minutes, and the elite of peace has been knocked down 10% minutes in 30 minutes. Tiktok has been knocked off 6% minutes in 30 minutes.

Generally speaking, considering that the endurance of this level can be regarded as medium or high level when the screen is turned on at 120Hz high speed, why should I say that I dont need to say too much? This is because Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition adopts a new triple fast charging combination composed of 120W wired second charging + 50W Wireless Flash charging + 10W reverse charging.

We will not consider reverse charging for the time being. For the first batch of 120W wired second charging in the world, for the 4500mAh graphene based lithium-ion battery of Xiaomi 10s supreme commemorative version, the measured wired fast charging can charge about 40% of the power in 5 minutes, and can be fully charged in about 20 minutes, which is very close to the official measured data.

And the same use of 50W wireless fast charging, basically full machine power, that is, 40 minutes. In the background of battery technology bottleneck for many years, millet this time is to show us what is called force to break the ingenious. At such a charging rate, the game consumes more than 20% power in half an hour. Maybe I wont panic. In short, I really love.

Finally, lets talk about taking photos. The most striking point of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition this time is the most powerful 120 times ultra-long zoom capability in the current mass-produced flagship aircraft. In fact, it is a periscope long-range lens, which is very fierce from the visual point of view. And 120 times zoom, if you recall, is a breakthrough in the current long focus limit.

The remaining several lenses, 4800W pixel main camera, f / 1.85 large aperture, 2.4um, this lens adopts the rare 1 / 1.32 inch super bottom and super pixel sensor in the industry, and realizes the hardware dual native isofusion ultra dynamic technology and chip level single frame progressive HDR technology for the first time in the mobile phone image, which can be regarded as pushing the super dynamic range level of the mobile phone to a new high; there is another 20 million Pixel super wide angle lens and 1200W pixel portrait lens.

From the perspective of the modeling design and hardware parameters of this post four camera, it is quite bluffing. However, from the actual sample, it may be that the software version of the evaluation prototype has not been debugged to the best, and the overall image quality seems to be a little lower than our expectation.

Under normal light, turn off AI mode, the color of the photo is a little cold, and the white balance can see the deviation.

AI mode is still on, but in portrait mode, the overall white balance performance is still normal. Considering the camera software, we expect that the following software version optimization can have a refreshing performance.

Long focus, thanks to the 120 times long focus low light level camera, the effect is indeed awesome, although 120 times zoom will inevitably make the screen appear some obvious noise, but with the ultra long focus OIS control system introduced, we did not use the three foot frame of the hand held shooting to feel stable, only for this hand-held stable performance, it is true. Its worth praising. In addition, the preview window that appears after the zoom of more than 15 times also allows us to locate the target more accurately when shooting with zoom.

In terms of portraits, the performance of Xiaomi 10s supreme commemorative edition is commendable. Whether it relies on the front lens of 2000W pixels or the use of rear lens, the accuracy of image matting depends on the light and background, just like most mobile phones. Fortunately, the beauty function is still online, showing a more natural sample. Even if the beauty effect is adjusted to the maximum, there will be no deformed facial features that weird phenomenon. Anyway, after shooting, my sister thinks OK, that should be OK~

In terms of macro distance, we can see that the effect of background virtualization is still very natural. There is no obvious trace of AI intervention, and the main body is more prominent.

The detail display effect of ultra macro mode is general. You can see the intervention of obvious algorithm and eat light. However, this is the normal of ultra macro mode of mobile phone.

In terms of night shooting, in the default night scene mode of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, the stability of long exposure can be guaranteed, and the purity of the picture is also very pleasant. Have you noticed the stars in the sky? You can still see Xiaomis skills, but there are still some overexposures in the bright window, but they are still within the acceptable range. In the dark, you can see the sense of hierarchy, and you wont paste it.

On the whole, the photo taking level of Xiaomi 10s supreme commemorative edition can still reach the first echelon. However, after the software optimization and debugging is stable, I believe that the overall photo strength of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition will surprise rice noodles. Otherwise, how can they live up to the first result of DxOMark.

Overall, the overall performance of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is still in line with expectations, and even some aspects of the performance is beyond expectations. I think what impresses me most is that when I thought Xiaomis 10th anniversary edition should be like this, it can bring me more or less surprise in some aspects. For example, the memory of the details, the improvement of handle brought by better workmanship, such as the 120 times zoom low light level camera, such as the maximum 16GB of super large running memory, the excellent cooling performance of the whole machine, and the 120W charging speed. These surprises are based on what I already know about the hardware information, and I get the real perception verification after the final hands-on experience.

Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is not so much a hard core Android player as a witness of Xiaomi mobile phones 10-year experience and change. In many ways, it lets us see the shadow of Xiaomis classic mobile phone in the past. However, it is detached from the inherent impression. It takes MIUI as the cornerstone, and blooms in this place. Everything returns to experience, and always believes that good things will happen

With these powerful black technology support, considering the final price of only 5299 yuan, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is still very conscientious in terms of pricing compared with the flagship of friends. With the other two brothers of Xiaomi 10 family, this time, with the addition of Xiaomi 10s supreme commemorative version, it is bound to become the strongest weapon for Xiaomi to attack the domestic high-end mobile phone market. Even in the face of the upcoming flagship of its friends, it will be fearless.

Finally, I suddenly realized that Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition seems to commemorate my lost youth! What else can I do but buy it? I hope millet can drive full power to ensure the supply, so that those who cant wait to experience the first time can buy rice noodles faster!

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