The explosion in Lebanon Unveils a corner of the robe

 The explosion in Lebanon Unveils a corner of the robe

On August 5 local time, debris was scattered on the floor of the Lebanon parliament hall in the central area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

[when the government was dissolved, it was less than 8 months before its establishment

The cabinet of the government of Lebanon, which should have done a good job in the aftermath and accountability of the big bang, quickly announced its dissolution in prime minister diabs three consecutive prayers of God bless Lebanon. President ORN then accepted diabs resignation, but asked him to perform the duties of a caretaker government until a new government was formed.

At this time, it was less than eight months before the establishment of this government.

Before announcing the collective resignation of the cabinet, four of the 20 cabinet ministers of diab have resigned. Just after the explosion, diab hoped to extend his resignation for two months, but failed.

He said that since taking office, the current government has been trying to seek change, but encountered great resistance. Mainly because the corruption system in Lebanon is difficult to eradicate. He will stand with the people and seek change together.

When diab spoke on television, it was a different scene in Beirut.

There have been three days of demonstrations against dereliction of duty by managers and corruption in the authorities. In the city, which was already shrouded in haze, crowds of protestors threw stones and smoke bombs at the police and were dispersed by police tear gas. At least one person has been killed and hundreds injured.

At about 6:00 p.m. local time on August 4, a huge explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Several houses were damaged, glass was shattered, and pink mushroom clouds and thick smoke rose in the sky.

In contrast, the costly explosion has killed 163 people, injured more than 6000, left dozens missing and left 300000 homeless.

The golden 72 hours of rescue has long passed, and the search and rescue is still going on, but the hope of finding survivors is increasingly dim.

[President and Prime Minister receive information in advance? Rashomon caused by explosion

The cause of the explosion, exacerbated public discontent. Since Beirut is a commercial port, many experts believe the explosion was accidental. The focus of the investigation is why such a large amount of dangerous chemicals have been stored in the port area for six years, but the authorities have not controlled it.

The upper picture shows the former aerial photos of Beirut port, and the lower picture shows the aerial photos after the explosion. The area near the port is razed to the ground.

On July 20, before the explosion, Lebanons State Security Agency actually sent private letters to President ORN and Prime Minister diab, according to Reuters. In the letter, a judicial investigation started in January concluded that the chemicals in Beirut port need to be handled safely immediately, otherwise, it may destroy the capital.

More and more different voices emerged.

For example, U.S. President trump talked about it in a high profile immediately after the explosion, thinking that the explosion might be an attack..

An Italian blasting expert believes there may be military supplies in the warehouse at Beirut port. He said that by the color of the mushroom cloud produced by the explosion, he judged that the explosion was caused by the combustion of military missiles.

President Orn said that the possibility of external attack caused by the explosion of Beirut port warehouse was not ruled out. The investigation will focus on whether the explosion is negligent or purely accidental or the result of external intervention of missiles or bombs.

On August 6 local time, French President Marcon visited Lebanon to check the scene of the explosion in Beirut, the capital.

Air France or air force provided photos of the explosion to French President Omar after the explosion.

However, in response to calls for an international investigation into the bombing, ORN rejected the proposal. He believes that letting other countries in would dilute the truth..

[there are many parties and the political situation is complicated. The former prime minister was killed in another big explosion that year

Although there is no substantial evidence that the explosion is an attack, it seems to be inseparable from the historical and political background of Lebanon as a whole.

For a long time, there have been many different sects and armed forces in Lebanon, leading to the division and corruption of the government. The civil war lasted another 15 years, and it was not until 1990 that the curtain came to an end. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and injured in the war, the economic losses were innumerable, and hundreds of thousands of people were homeless.

Photo: Rafik Hariri, former Prime Minister of Lebanon.

So far, four members of the United Nations tribunal have not brought a case against Hezbollah. As a political and military force in Lebanon, Hezbollah also refused to be accused and denied any connection with Hariris assassination.

Nowadays, the intervention and game of multinational forces have made the division of Lebanon more and more serious. Relations between Shiites supported by Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Sunnis supported by Saudi Arabia continue to be tense. The United States even listed Hezbollah in Lebanon as a terrorist organization.

It is the people who really suffer. The people of Lebanon have suffered too much. Russia today commented. The economy is extremely depressed, the Lebanon pound is greatly devalued, and the food and electricity crisis is serious At present, about half of the population in Lebanon lives below the poverty line.

[to welcome the third prime minister in one year, and the international community will lend a helping hand

In response to the growing crisis, the Middle East country will have its third prime minister in a year.

I hope the new government can be formed quickly. This country cant afford to Effective government is the minimum we need to get out of this crisis.

The Associated Press quoted an analysis report as saying that Lebanon could set up an independent government composed of experts from various fields to deal with all the problems it currently faces.

Maha Yahya, director of the Carnegie Center for Middle East Studies, said the best option was to appoint an independent Prime Minister and develop an economic and financial rescue plan, while preparing for next years elections..

The capital of Lebanon is a mess. The explosion was so powerful that the whole city felt the shock wave. The windows of houses were broken and the balcony of apartments collapsed.

People are struggling with the damage caused by the explosion.

In Beirut, thousands of people live in houses that are badly damaged and have no doors or windows. They need shelter, they need food, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross said

Built in 1860, susok palace is located on a mountain in the center of Beirut, overlooking the now destroyed port. There are exquisite collections of art, furniture, marble, paintings, etc., which were damaged in the explosion.

In the face of all this, the international community quickly reached out to help. UN Secretary General Guterres said on the 10th that the UN will continue to support Lebanon in all possible ways to tide over the current difficulties; 20 tons of medical supplies provided by the World Health Organization have arrived in Beirut.