The United States national hate party! This angry black man who boasted about China was once the smartest prophet in the NBA

 The United States national hate party! This angry black man who boasted about China was once the smartest prophet in the NBA

I know you havent - listen, Americans really dont read - anyway, the probability that Americans will understand Chinese system and culture is much lower than that of Chinese people. Really, in the past 70 or 75 years, China has deliberately designed its social structure to deal with the United States, in order to prevent the influence constantly imposed by Western imperialism, he said

And in the process, they have also achieved some of the greatest advances in human history Most economists will tell you that China is now one of the countries at the top of the world order, and they do not do it through war, aggression, bombing other people or subversive activities. In my opinion, they pose a real threat to the United States and have an impact on the balance of the world.

As American citizens and as part of American society, I feel that we are all misled. Ive been to China. China is not the same as (American politician) described. We cant seem to accept the fact that beyond the power structure of Western imperialism, there can still be a functioning society, efficient production and some of the greatest progress in human history that I have mentioned before.

Of course, those people in our country will not discuss this. All the people who talk about China are hawks who are willing to provoke war and talk about those decadent colonial manifestos that have been out of date Really, its too obvious to me. I dont think trump and his supporters preach isolationism, and it wont do us any good.

There are only 300 million people in the United States, and there are 300 million basketball people in China. This new dilemma we are facing is unprecedented. If we want to have hope in the future, we must find the best way to build this society. I have always wanted to talk to influential people on this issue China can build 11 hospitals in 10 days, and we try to scare the people with the red scare strategy of the past. Its useless to face such a well-organized [state] order in China.

The reality that we have to accept is that global history has entered a different stage, not just a history dominated by the United States It has become a world trend to oppose the United States imposing influence, and China wishes to be the most important trading partner of every country on the earth, completely filling the gap of Western imperialism...

Americans simply dont understand that China has been colonized for about 108 years. They dont understand what the Hong Kong problem is. Its all related to the colonial history. You know what Darrell Morey, the general manager of the Rockets, said about Hong Kong before. I just want to say that he cant do this. I also called many players and said that dont be fooled into this by Morey. Its the same as saying that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Its also a propaganda strategy of (American politicians). I think the NBA and the players are on the right side of history on this issue. And in the past two years, Ive noticed that Chinese diplomats have been more quick and outspoken in refuting such propaganda by the United States.

I always think that history is the best way for us to interpret the present. If you have studied Chinese history, especially the history of modern colonization, you will know that the thinking they have been emphasizing is that they can never be ruled and controlled again. This can be said to be the political ideology that they have been instilling into future generations for almost a hundred years. The interests of the Chinese people have been occupied by other countries, and China has been controlled by other countries. China has lost its sovereignty and lost its connection with the history of the past thousands of years These [narratives] are their political thinking around the social structure, and we have to understand the challenge we face.

After Moreys Hong Kong incident in October last year, public opinion in both China and the United States exploded. I still remember that Steve Cole, who was criticized as a lackey by American politicians at that time, said that he had to learn more about Chinese history to make a judgment. Unexpectedly, West, who played under him before, had already learned it.

At that time, West also strongly supported LeBron, denouncing the American journalists who questioned the latter: you all want him to disclose the carefully designed arguments of those false narrative drivers who use these false pretexts to lead people to war.

But the NBA community knows better than anyone who West is.

He has a good relationship with the walkers up and down, and the team reporter who once dealt with him described him as: West never talks nonsense. The walkers who had contact with him knew that he was one of the most mature players in the history of the team. At that time, everyone recognized him as an adult in the dressing room and the one who could deal with the media most

Whats more interesting is that when he was still playing with walkers, he always talked to people around him about how strong TJ Warren was. Because Warren had been in the eye of West in his early 10s and had been playing on his AAU team. They are close to each other as family members and have been in touch almost every day.

As early as last October, he predicted the outbreak of Warren

In the warriors, West is one of the first to reveal that there are internal problems in the team. He doesnt mean to do things, but to be realistic and fair.

First of all, he said after winning the championship in 2018, which will not affect the teams competitive state; secondly, he did not disclose any dressing room secrets, and the warriors players also agreed. And until he retired, he didnt talk much about the warriors internal problems.

He said he just wanted to show that the warriors seem to win easily, but they are not. He also predicted that it would be very difficult for the warriors to win three consecutive titles, and there would be injury problems. He got it all right.

After he left the warriors, team manager miles also expressed his feelings, saying that he was a rare tutor task in the dressing room. Well all miss David, the smartest teammate Ive ever had, he said

He likes to read serious media articles, claiming to spend at least three to four hours a day reading. His favorite reading subjects are black and African history, and he has also read books on philosophy and psychology, as well as works by Plato and Nietzsche.

When he was in college, he once made a research report on the legalization of marijuana in the United States, and now there is still a video about his explanation on the stage on the Internet, so that when he is interviewed by all NBA teams, the management will ask him about his views on marijuana.

He knew from a very young age that basketball / sports would not be the ultimate pursuit of his life.

Basketball is just a game. Ive been trying to find more spiritual sustenance from this game. He said, there is life beyond basketball, and the whole world. Maybe its about my comfort zone. Anyway, Im not a person who is content with the status quo. I wont be afraid of the world, and I wont flinch in the face of new things.

Under the guidance of such a philosophy, it is certainly no accident that West has formed his current political stance. His position in the political spectrum of the United States may be unfamiliar to the Americans themselves, that is, the black left.

The so-called African American Left is basically opposite to the white left and is part of black conservatism. There are many black left stars in NBA, such as Wilt Chamberlain, Karl Malone, Greg Anthony, etc.

With LeBron as a reference ruler, although he has supported Hillary Clinton, he can not say that he is completely white left. But LeBron is certainly not as hard core as the black left - in fact, most black people are similar to LeBron, not taking extreme positions, belonging to the state of swing in the middle.

But west is more determined than LeBron. In fact, his program left lens (produced by black agenda report) is the main propaganda position of the black left political faction in the United States.

The screenshot of the program page shows that it is mainly about political speeches

As early as in the black civil rights movement in the 1960s, the black left once took Marxism Leninism and Mao thought as the standard. The leader of the Black Panther Party even visited Beijing and was received by the state leaders. Therefore, the affinity of this political faction to China is deeply rooted.

In the United States, some people call them radical, others say they are black socialists. In short, they are not recognized by mainstream politics.

They also hate the deceptive rhetoric of American mainstream politics (such as Trumps speech at the foot of the presidents hill, and the Democratic Partys various show offs in protest activities), as well as capitalist greed under deception. They think that the two mainstream parties are just two wings of the same bird.

They even feel that Bernie Sanders, who has been denounced as a communist by the mainstream, is not tough enough, saying that his foreign policy is still imperialism, and his equality policy of caring for the bottom is far from enough to help the United States achieve real social justice.

Bernie Sanders, a communist in American Politics

(of course, David West is a little bit fond of Sanders, saying: the agenda that Senator Sanders wants to push is the right prescription closest to the needs of our society, but we also see that the democratic regime kicked him out of the election.)

And the host of the interview with West, Danny Haiphong, who is of Vietnamese origin (the twitter avatar uses old friend of the Chinese people Ho Chi Minh), said that he was committed to supporting the black left because he believed that they were the real internationalists. The United States is the worlds largest disseminator of violence, the number one provider of economic, military and all forms of violence, and an imperialist superpower, he said

Such arguments are reasonable, but also cynical. Just as West hated social platforms controlled by technology giants and the U.S. government, he couldnt do without them.

He describes the hypocrisy of politicians who support black affirmative action on social media: people on twitter want black people to vote for hidden racism, because open racism is the worst...

He also believes that China is a more democratic society than the United States. He forwarded a report on Chinas domestic poll data, pointing out that 73% of Chinese believe that they live in a democratic society, while only 49% of Americans feel that they live in a democratic society. Its time to stop educating China and focus on our own problems.

Like many black leftists, Wests political appeal is to reshape the American social order, which puts them in complete opposition to the authorities (both Republicans and Democrats).

We have been fighting for peace and justice, and everyone has a different role. But what happened to us African Americans over the past 500 years or so has been enough to destroy all our perceptions. If you look back at any part of the history of the past 500 years, everything about our group is reconstruction, restoration, or renunciation. This cycle will not change.

We can talk about hot topics one by one, but the fundamental issues never change. The common aspiration of mankind should be to shape a just system and a peaceful world. Everyone wants a piece of Colin capenick, but no one understands what hes trying to convey, he said. Its about peace and justice. We want a system that is fair to all people. We want them to live in their own reality and let their social value orientation be guided by peace. This is what the world wants.

If you dont succeed, you will become benevolent. The United States has reached the critical point, and it has to face the reality of itself, rather than trying to express itself all the time. What we are, what we have always been. We have to make a radical change for the future of our children. Without complete change, all discussions are in vain.

In fact, in any era, there are calls for subversive change. Its just that in the current environment, Wests point of view has been unexpectedly magnified (although in the United States, its a flower in the wall, and a fragrance outside the wall).

Under the stimulation of Freuds death, more and more people feel that American society has reached the critical point of indestructibility. However, no individual has been able to show such great wisdom to guide people to achieve benign change.

West also said: the depth of change needed in this country is far beyond what an athlete can contribute. We need institutional change, and those problems are embedded in the walls and halls of power. This requires an overall change in ideology.

He wanted to overthrow the order of the United States and the world created by the white people. As long as we continue to follow this road and keep everything as it is, we will eventually be unable to go, because the external environment of the United States is no longer the same If we continue to maintain this imperialist mentality of expansion, send troops all over the world, only care about our own interests, ignore the sovereignty of other countries, and do not accept the culture of other countries, such a future will be unsustainable sooner or later.

But in the United States at this stage, Wests words are basically casting pearls before swine.

Of course, with his accumulated wisdom, he is still qualified to give some immature suggestions to the current athletes.

West specially mentioned that Hadden, who wore a mask supporting the police not long ago, was so politicized that he did not know the depth of the act, which caused countless curses. This is the consequence of ignorance.