The 55th Golden Bell Award held at the end of September

 The 55th Golden Bell Award held at the end of September

According to Taiwan media reports, the 55th Golden Bell Awards ceremony will be held on September 19 for radio and TV on September 26, according to Taiwan media. The organizer Sanli TV station announced yesterday that the host of this years Golden Bell ceremony will be co hosted by Wu Mary, the broadcaster, and KOL retina of the Internet. This year, TV Golden Bell will be presided over by three groups of artists, and Xingguang Avenue will be jointly presided over by Huang Haoping, who won no negative rating last year, and his partner Li Fuyu (Da Yi).

Huang Haoping, who was the first to host the event together, joked that he didnt worry about the height difference between the two. He thought it could be adjusted with the insole and hairstyle. He joked, Ill drink a little more of this prescription to see if its too late. Although they are not familiar with each other, he is looking forward to this cooperation. I met her on the game show before. Da Yi is a very enthusiastic girl, so it should be fun to cooperate..

However, it was a lot of pressure for Da Kai to preside over Xingguang avenue for the first time. She participated as a shortlist in the past three years. She was very frightened when she first learned about it. Later, she thought, I should be able to solve any special situation from 30 meters under water to land.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395