The first new crown vaccine registered in Russia

 The first new crown vaccine registered in Russia

Aza was interviewed by ABCs Good Morning America on the 11th local time, and was asked about Russias announcement of registering the worlds first new crown vaccine.

The point is not to be the first to develop a vaccine. The key is to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective for Americans and people around the world, aza said He said transparent data is needed, and it must come from phase III clinical trials of the vaccine to show that the vaccine is safe and effective.

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Aza also said that the United States is currently developing six new crown vaccines. By December this year, it will receive tens of millions of doses of vaccines that meet the gold standard of the US Food and drug administration, and hundreds of millions of doses by 2021.

Some netizens said that the United States is obviously somewhat sour. A kind of

So political action against Russian vaccines again?

There are also netizens with a slight irony. A kind of

Yes, but in a few days, trump will choose to use the Russian vaccine and find a new agent of the Department of health and human services, and he will agree to use the vaccine.

Some even joked, it must be better than hydroxychloroquine.

However, some people say that azas statement is reasonable. A kind of

Aza is absolutely right, there is no need to rush, because it will lead to a second wave of outbreaks, and the results are violent and lethal. Patience is good. They should go through all the necessary procedures to prove the success of the vaccine.

Maybe this is the only sensible statement by the federal government so far of the epidemic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced earlier in the day that Russia has registered the first new coronal vaccine, making Russia the first country in the world to register the new coronal vaccine. Russias first new crown vaccine was jointly developed by Russias gamaliya Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of defense, and was approved by the Russian Ministry of health on the same day on the 11th. Putin said he hoped to start mass production as soon as possible, adding that his daughter had been vaccinated.

Shortly after that, British Reuters reported that Trumps senior consultant, Kylie Ann Conway, said that trump would listen to a briefing on the work of the United States new crown vaccine later on the 11th local time, and may inform the outside world of the latest progress.