The most difficult employment year, young people also will not make do with it!

 The most difficult employment year, young people also will not make do with it!

Recently, according to the report recruitment industry report for young people released by Aurora big data, the job market tends to be white hot. With the scale of colleges and universities expanding year by year, the scale of 2020 graduates will exceed 8.7 million, and the employment scale of young job seekers will set a new record. At the same time, the current situation of Chinas employment market is that there is a structural imbalance in the demand for employment, especially the big difference between regions. Many enterprises blindly pursue talents with high academic qualifications, which has artificially increased the difficulty of employment.

This year, young job seekers are still facing the most difficult employment year. The employment problems are mainly manifested in four aspects: long job search cycle, less job supply, difficult to judge recruitment information and high cost of application. 58. The Super Duty season launched in the same city can intelligently push many suitable employment opportunities for job seekers. It uses big data intelligent means to efficiently match people and posts, shorten the job search cycle, eliminate interference information, and improve the efficiency of job hunting and reduce the cost of job hunting by reducing the spatial and psychological distance between the two sides.

According to the report, 58 local recruitment Research Institute data show that young job seekers tend to deliver new industries, and low threshold jobs as a good choice for part-time jobs are also concerned. Young job seekers are more enthusiastic about delivery in emerging industries, such as the Internet, culture, sports and entertainment industries. The proportion of delivery in traditional manufacturing and real estate industries has been reduced.

The report points out that compared with the post-75s and the post-85s, the post-95s pay more attention to and participate in e-sports, sports and entertainment. The younger generation has formed three groups of E-sports players, sports fans and entertainment users. It is also regarded as a kind of social life or a kind of social group.

In order to better meet the job search experience of the new generation of young people, this years 58 local Super Duty season added multiple circle cultural elements, increased e-sports, sports, entertainment and other links, making the recruitment activities more vivid and exciting.

58 in the local Super Duty season, the most popular sports events in China, such as CBA, Chinese Super League and football players, provide opportunities to watch all kinds of games for free. Big and popular people sit on the recruitment site to attract customers in all dimensions, and expand the influence of super vocational season activities. From July 20 to 26, 58 local Super Duty season ushered in Longhu recruitment zone, launched Longhu intelligent service, Longhu Guanyu online recruitment special session, gathered CBA, CSL, football players and other sports IP to conduct a number of live recruitment activities.

From July 27 to August 2, Xiaomi, the star employer, gathered high-quality enterprises in the film and television media industry, gathered together film and television media companies such as Jiaxing, Lingmeng, Xitian, Yaoke, Youku and kuyang, bringing in film and television project planning, new media publicity, graphic designer, industry planning, video production assistant, script planning and other positions, providing job seekers with diversified positions, Meet the job seekers yearning for the performing arts circle, and let the career path of young job seekers bloom with bright stars.

In order to make job seekers communicate with each other better, a hot topic column has been set up in the Xiaomi recruitment zone in the 58 local Super Duty season to guide job seekers to discuss the popular job in your eyes. Through the topic discussion, the job seeker is more clear about his career pursuit, so as to choose a job which is more matching with his desire and ability, and realize stable employment from a deep level.

Auroras report report on the recruitment industry in the super season - young people shows that young job seekers are willing to engage in derivative jobs in their own circle, and this years 58 local Super Duty season just meets this demand. The report also points out that in the face of todays white hot job market, young job seekers actively build their own advantages, grasp every employment opportunity, and face employment pressure with good attitude and positive measures. Young job seekers through the development of new channels to network recruitment information, through the content platform and external image packaging, to build a good image for themselves, in the process of job hunting, timely correct employment objectives and expectations, make adequate preparation, and improve the probability of successful application.