Top 30 drivers in F1 history: Schumachers 2nd and 1st driver has been dead for 26 years

 Top 30 drivers in F1 history: Schumachers 2nd and 1st driver has been dead for 26 years

In all kinds of the greatest driver selection, senna and Schumacher are inseparable, this time cena won. Senna, known as the God of cars, started the invincible mode in 1988. In that season, he won eight station Championships and won his first drivers championship. Although he lost to Prost in 1989, he made a comeback in 1990, winning his second drivers championship with 78 points, and won the world Championship for the third time in 1991. Senna was transferred to Williams in 1994 with an annual salary of $15 million. However, he was envious of talents. Senna was killed in San Marino Grand Prix at the age of 34.

Although he has won three World Championships, the number of Champions is not as good as Schumacher, but in many peoples minds, there is only one car God, his name is senna, so it is reasonable that Senna is at the top of the list. Schumacher, who has won seven drivers Championships, is next in the list. So far, he is still the driver with the most Championships.

Hamilton, who is approaching Schumachers record step by step, ranks third in the list. If there is no accident, the first black driver in history will match Schumachers seven Championship records this season. From this point of view, Xiaohan is also worthy of the third place, and Fangio, a famous driver with five world Championships, is ranked fourth in the list.

It is worth mentioning that although he has only won two World Championships, Spanish driver Alonso is still able to rank in the fifth and the top five. Alonso is recognized by all for his superb driving skills. Fonda, who won three championships, ranked sixth, Jim Clarke, a famous driver, ranked seventh. Prost, who had won the most grand prix victories from 1987 to 2001, was ranked eighth. Vettel, who has been having a bad time at Ferrari, is No. 9 in the list with four World Championships and Stewart, who has won three championships, is No. 10.

The 11 to 20 drivers on the list are Raikkonen, Giles Villeneuve, Braham, Stirling moss, Hakkinen, askari, fedy palti, Mansell, James Hunt and hill, while the drivers in the 21st to 30th places are Nelson pike, Rosberg, Barton, Andretti, lint, Peterson, Montoya, Suties, and so on Vistapan and Massa.

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