The Washington Post columnist asked: do we need Republicans? Fox immediately counterattack

 The Washington Post columnist asked: do we need Republicans? Fox immediately counterattack

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, in this article entitled do we need Republicans after all? said that, given Trumps defeat in the November election, people are speculating about the fate of the post trump Republican Party.

Fox said Rubin believes that after years of racism and xenophobic feelings, trump has determined the fate of the Republican Party, a minority that relies on white discontent and cultural resentment..

For those who want to say, there are good people in both parties, the unpleasant fact is that, with the exception of a few governors and Senator Mitt Romney, there are really no good people in the Republican Party. They sold their souls to trump, passively or actively accepted white supremacy and religious authoritarianism, Rubin wrote. They launched a war against the Constitution and the objective reality. There is no merit in all this...

Trump fans and zombie liberals continue to push the party into the abyss, turning it into a regional party with no future. Perhaps the real question is not what the Republican Party will believe and who will support it, but whether we need it The last part of the article states.

In response to the article, fox news immediately launched a counterattack model: this self proclaimed conservative blogger was ridiculed on social media.

Fox: in the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin lashed out in her column, do we need Republicans?

Fox also picked comments from other media sources to ridicule Rubin. A kind of

Pradheep Shanker, a writer for the US magazine National Review, sarcastically said, the conservative writers of the Washington Post cut in!

One of the main reasons why the Washington Post isnt a serious newspaper is that theyre paying them to write the same article over and over again, said Greg price of the daily news, a conservative media group in the United States

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