A high school teacher and a young girl in Jiangsu Province

 A high school teacher and a young girl in Jiangsu Province

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Female students and high school teachers indecent video exposed by their predecessors, School: the girl graduated for 6 years (source: ~)

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On the 11th, a staff member of the personnel department of Zhenjiang Municipal Education Bureau told the surging news that the girl in question had graduated from the indecent video, which had nothing to do with the ethics and style of the teachers involved. After graduation. Said the staff member.

The surging news noticed that at about 16:00 on the 11th, the wechat public account Ping An Runzhou of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau issued a police notice saying that in the early morning of August 10, pan (male, 25-year-old from Zhenjiang) voluntarily surrendered to Jinshan police station of Runzhou Public Security Bureau, saying: on the evening of August 2, he found that the female friends mobile phone contained indecent videos of the woman and others, and released the video out of anger To wechat group, trigger netizens to forward.

According to the police circular, at present, Jinshan police station has accepted and carried out investigation, and relevant work is in progress.

On the afternoon of November 11, a staff member from the office of a senior high school in Zhenjiang City, where the teachers were working, told the surging news that the school had paid attention to the matter, and the specific information was released by Zhenjiang Education Bureau.

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Suspected private video of high school teachers and students spread on the Internet, the publisher has committed, Zhenjiang police are investigating

On the afternoon of August 11, Runzhou public security branch of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau issued a police notice saying that the video publisher had voluntarily surrendered to the crime and the police are investigating.

After the Internet spread, some parents questioned, how can such a teacher still teach in school? However, some netizens said that they were in a normal love relationship and the girl had graduated. In the class group, the mother of the suspected girl said: dear students, as the mother of the video victim, my heart aches to drip blood. Now my daughter cant study and live normally. Some people have repeatedly forwarded it, which has a great impact.

On the morning of August 11, the reporter of Modern Express asked the teachers school for confirmation on the online situation. A teacher on duty at the school told reporters that the teacher involved had worked in the school for many years, but other things (she) were not very clear.

Later, the suspected male party left a message on a local forum. He said that he was one of the parties and the school teaching was in good order. I dont know why it happened. He clarified the relationship between himself and the girl: I divorced, in early 2020, after a period of understanding with the female party, I established a love relationship, and gradually obtained the family recognition of both sides. The love relationship is developing further