Rap listen to me kid Wang Linkai won the first prize with Lianma

 Rap listen to me kid Wang Linkai won the first prize with Lianma

After the first two weeks of elimination, only two players AA and Kandis shine for you team are fighting back and forth. The shine for you team, which has brought pressure to the audience, has also turned against the wind in this program, bringing two stages of deep memory to the audience. MC Guangguang performed Rapstar with Kandi. As soon as Kandi opened his mouth, Kandi had the strength to win the battle. MC Guangguang went out with hook singing along with aura, and the fast-paced flow directly hit the heart, which made the audience surrender in an instant. It was worthy of the king comes back!

The Pharaoh and AA brought a song full of the flavor of secondary two and childhood Ultraman song cosmic guard, which made people bright. The Pharaon made public his identity at the scene, insisting that he was the protection of the earth, but AA did not expose him, but disguised himself as zoffie Altman and made a madness with the Pharaoh. The stage combines sketch, comedy and reversal. No matter it is the make-up and hair styling, the stage arrangement and the listening feeling of songs, they are all unique. The words the heart of enthusiasm can not be lost let the audience harvest the full of joy and moving, which is the best in the audience in many peoples hearts.

The universe guard is a carnival with two hot blood. The melody of special brainwashing ripples in the hearts of music fans, which makes people cant help opening the single cycle mode.

Xiaogui Wang Linkai and Lian Ma Qiangqiang joined hands to perform the high burning rap inmyzone, which instantly blew up the whole audience. Xiaogui Wang Linkai released herself and kicked open the door of the cage, which is called the fatal killing part of this performance. Inmyzone is very aggressive both in lyrics and in singing, Why are you so jealous of me / they dont want to see me / the fire / position is here, you sit / they wont turn up, which caused a lot of excitement. Wang Linkai and Lianma also won the top 1 producer cooperation competition with 173 votes!

Rap listen to me producer cooperation competition has officially come to an end. Creamd, JD, wangjiangqing, smally D, lilmilk, Lianma, Liu Bingxin, AA, KC, LeeA, Kandi have become the final national top 11, and more fierce competition is about to start.

Source of this article: Yang Ming, responsible editor of Netease music_ NV5736