Star record blessing video into an industry chain? Business: there are intermediaries to promote

 Star record blessing video into an industry chain? Business: there are intermediaries to promote

When consulting, the companys product customer service reply: we are a professional star brokerage team, do not do dubbing synthesis and other infringement content! The price of each star cooperation is different. At least a few hundred dollars.

Are hundreds of Yuan actors you dont know? The other side denied: there must be someone who knows it. The stars have representative works. Another stores customer service reply: because each artists price is different, generally thousand yuan starts.

Brokerage company: no need. Who is short of 20000 yuan!

On the microblog, an entertainment marketing number released a mixed cut video of stars wishing a happy birthday, including Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming, Tang Yan, Zhao Liying, Jing Boran, happy family, etc. the star lineup can be called luxury, and netizens who dont know the truth say: its very good. It was immediately seen by sharp eyed fans: This is the blessing given by all the stars in the industry at Yang Yangs 2016 birthday party. Dont take videos to compete for traffic, OK?

A famous Internet company will soon celebrate 10th anniversary celebration. Make complaints about a group of stars can be seen as a heavyweight star of eight seas and eight wastes. It is opposed to netizens Tucao: so many ads, let the profits be bad for consumers?

Business: there is an intermediary to find the door, CCTV host according to the coffee price

A well-known catering brand management group in Chengdu, its hotpot shop often rolls out some star blessing videos on the big screen at the gate, including some popular traffic and famous stars.

He also revealed that there are indeed intermediary companies that actively come to the door to promote star videos and create differentiated competition. What is recommended is the CCTV hosts message. The quotation is: three C-level hosts 18000, one B-class host and two C-level hosts 38000. The intermediary also repeatedly stressed: This is not an ID in essence, and unlike stars, actors and celebrities, CCTV hosts generally do not do such oral broadcasting, which is rare. The three C-level hosts are 18 thousand, bringing brand hype to the enterprise, which is different from other celebrities.

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