Rebooting the extreme sea listening to thunder hit Zhu Yilong and Mao Xiaotong

 Rebooting the extreme sea listening to thunder hit Zhu Yilong and Mao Xiaotong

Exploring the second floor warehouse, Zhu Yilong questioned Mao Xiaotongs identity

After a battle of wits and bravery, the third young master was finally promoted to the second storehouse. When he was ready to go to the second floor warehouse with Bai Haotian, the investigation of the mysterious figure Wang Junyi, the mysterious figure, finally came to light. Whats more, he was shocked that all the clues pointed to Bai Haotian, the mysterious man who had been luring him to explore Cang 11 with the video of the missing third uncle u3002 After all kinds of hesitation, Wu Haoren falls into a crisis. Finally, in the second floor warehouse, Wu Xie made his own investigation on Bai Haos Tiandao. Whats Xiaobais identity is in this weeks updated series.

Zhu Yilong was poisoned and his condition worsened again

After leaving the second floor warehouse, Wu Xie gradually found that his physical condition suddenly deteriorated. Not only did the aggravation of lung disease cause serious hematemesis symptoms, but also there was ulceration on the back neck. He found that he was already poisoned. In this mysterious warehouse spanning 100 years, there was a man who even did not hesitate to commit vicious acts in order to stop him from continuing his investigation. Who is this person? Is he the mysterious figure headhunter Wang Junyi? Is it Xue Wu, the Wu familys enemy? Or the citys profound director Ding? At a time when life and death are at stake, Wu Xie doesnt make a mess in the face of danger and sets up a clever plan. The open and secret struggle of eleven warehouses has finally reached a climax

Qu Ying was exploited and Zhu Yilong and Chen Minghao were in crisis

Under the guidance of Bai Haotians message, Wu Xie and Wang pangzi point their spearheads at the eleven storehouses hidden in Xue Wus family. Xue Wu has always been at odds with the Wu family, and has humiliated Wu Xie in various ways after his downfall. Finally, Wu Xie experienced a series of adventures in the eleven storehouses, and his rank was gradually promoted. When he returned to Xue Wu again, he had the capital to confront him. Under Wu Xies ingenious strategy and Wang pangzis unreasonable conduct, Xue Wu was once hard to cope with, but at this time, the appearance of Ye Piao Piao became the X factor in the game. Wang pangzi was deeply in love with her, and she was eager to raise money for her daughters treatment. Therefore, Xue Wu used it to inquire about Wu Xie and fat man. In the end, how the duel between good and evil will come to an end may be the key.

After Wu Xie has experienced a series of adventures with his sick body, the final confrontation between the eleven warehouses finally broke out and the battle ended. Please look forward to it. This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, two episodes of restarting the extreme sea listening to thunder are updated on iqiyi and Youku platforms every day!