Zhou Peng cuts life and death 8 points at critical moment

 Zhou Peng cuts life and death 8 points at critical moment

Su Wei was banned by Du Feng and denounced by him

At the critical moment, veteran Zhou Peng stood up. First, he shot a three-point ball in the bottom corner of the right side to stop the attack of Guangdong team. Next, Zhou Peng used his experience to create a foul, standing on the free throw line to make 2 free throws. 2.8 seconds before the end of this section, Zhou Peng appeared in the most lethal position under the basket in time, and made a 2 + 1 empty cut catch. At the end of the third quarter, Zhou Peng made 8-0 with his own strength, which made Guangdong team overcome the difficulties and regained the initiative with 80-73.

In the rest of the game, Zhou Pengs play is also quite stable. In addition to seizing the shooting opportunities, Zhou Peng also helped protect the basket and sent long passes to the front court to help Hu Mingxuan and other young players complete the scoring. Throughout the game, Zhou Peng contributed the highest 20 points of Guangdong domestic players and sent out four blocks.

Su Qun, a well-known basketball commentator, said that if Zhou Peng was not absent from last years mens Basketball World Cup due to injury, China might not have to send out a three back lineup and might win tickets to the Tokyo Olympics. Zhou Pengs value on the field is worthy of his reputation.