Famous female stars reveal that eating others leftovers in restaurants encourages resource conservation

 Famous female stars reveal that eating others leftovers in restaurants encourages resource conservation

The exposure of the famous actress eating others leftovers is shocking u300bHang on the net, attracted a lot of eyeballs. It is mentioned that ye Xuan and his friends went to a western restaurant for dinner. When they were about to finish eating, they saw that the guests at the next table had left. There were a lot of vegetables left on the table, among which a large pot of vegetables didnt move much. Ye Xuan hesitated and asked the waiter, can I eat their onions?? The waiter was stunned for a moment and then said, Ill go to the kitchen and bring you two new ones.. Ye Xuan quickly refused: I dont want to eat this. I just saw that they didnt move at all. It was a waste. People in many places cant even eat enough. Its not good for us to waste like this, so we should eat all of them. Then she ate the onions with her friends.

For the authenticity of the article, many people put a question mark. The reporter found that ye Xuan did mention this matter in the video its not right to eat leftovers from other peoples tables in the video of station B on June 27. Ye Xuans live video shows are usually chatting, telling their own views and stories.

Joking response: its true! I hope to encourage you to save resources

Ye Xuan said that he hoped to encourage people to save resources through the video. When you go out to film, you should start from saving. For example, you ask the staff not to leave the air conditioner there and waste electricity. You will also take part in the poverty alleviation live broadcast activities. If you see more and walk more, you will feel that many people need help. There is also the significance of people in the entertainment industry to produce a positive energy output.

Remember action CD? Food experts say they understand Ye Xuans practice

The reason why this matter can cause many netizens to resonate is that the waste phenomenon in the current life is deplorable. In view of waste, as early as January 16, 2013, CD-ROM action advocated cherishing food, with less restaurants, less canteens and less kitchens. It has also become one of the top ten news hot words and Internet hot words in 2013, and one of the most famous public welfare brands.

Yang Tiefeng, a catering expert, told the Yangtze Evening News, I believe that ye Xuans situation is true. We often encounter such a situation in our daily life: when we see plates of dishes on the dining table that have not been moved, if we want to throw them away, if we want to keep them in the way of face, Im sorry