Qinglius 7 billion orders failed? Jinfa technology has a criminal record: once participated in the joint Bureau of goods idling fraud

 Qinglius 7 billion orders failed? Jinfa technology has a criminal record: once participated in the joint Bureau of goods idling fraud

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Golden hair technology (600143. SH) was recently pushed to the forefront of public opinion because a nearly 7 billion mask order from the United States was broken.

No one knows which company Jinfa signed with in the United States from signing orders to cancelling orders. Whats more, after signing the huge order, the legal representative left.

Qingliu studio found that behind the bizarre plot, Jinfa technology, a listed company, has a series of strange things. Among them, a little-known story shows that golden hair technology once had bad deeds: in early 2015, golden hair technology set up a bureau with a businessman named Luo Jianzhong, with the bait of purchasing at a low price and reselling at a higher price. In fact, the goods were idling, resulting in a company Be cheated to get a huge amount of money.

According to several judicial documents obtained by Qingliu studio, a criminal judgment issued by Hangzhou intermediate peoples Court on July 20, 2017 identified the following facts:

At the beginning of 2015, Luo Jianzhong was unable to repay huge debts due to high interest rate loans, so he set out to defraud Guangdong million Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as million company) through the actual control of Guangdong million Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as million company) in the form of financing trade to maintain the operation of funds. To this end, Luo Jianzhong, through a person surnamed Huang, contacted the responsible persons of Zhejiang Sanyou Development Group Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Zhejiang Yousheng industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanyou company).

The two sides agreed on the financing trade cooperation mode: one million company supplies goods to Sanyou company at a low price, and Sanyou company supplies goods to Jinfa technology at a higher price, and the million company directly delivers the goods to Jinfa technology, and then the Ministry of trade of Jinfa science and technology issues a receipt certificate to Sanyou company. Sanyou company pays 80% of the payment to million company according to the voucher, and Jinfa technology will pay all the payment after 45 days The amount will be paid to Sanyou company, and the rest will be paid to million companies.

However, in the actual operation, the million company controlled by Luo Jianzhong has no goods exchange with Jinfa technology, but only three parties conduct capital flow.

According to Sanyou company, after the signing of six contracts between Sanyou company and Jinfa technology, Sanyou company found out that the business truth was not the same. Million company and golden hair technology concealed a series of facts. In fact, they colluded and weaved a trap to induce Sanyou company to have business relations with it and finally to steal funds from Sanyou company.

In March 2015, Luo Jianzhong conducted two fund transfers in the above-mentioned way. Among them, Luo Jianzhong instructed millions of employees of Jinfa technology and trade department to make and submit them to Jinfa science and technology. After confirmation and seal of Jinfa technology, Luo Jianzhong informed him and sent staff to accompany Sanyou company to hand over. Luo Jianzhong gained the trust of Sanyou company.

During the period from May 19 to June 18, 2015, Luo Jianzhong signed four purchase and sales contracts with Sanyou company and Jinfa technology in the above manner in the name of million company, forged the receipt certificate of Jinfa science and technology trade department under the corresponding contract, and then informed Sanyou company to send personnel to Guangdong for handover. During the handover period, Luo Jianzhong, the defendant, instructed the employees to send the handover personnel of Sanyou company to the gate of golden hair technology without entering, and instructed the employees to deliver four forged receipt certificates to the handover personnel of Sanyou company at the gate of golden hair technology, causing the false appearance of receiving certificates from golden hair technology.

After that, Sanyou company paid a total of 36 million yuan to Luo Jianzhong in the form of acceptance bill according to the false receipt. Subsequently, Luo Jian cashed out the above acceptance bill with discount interest and remitted it to the accounts of several affiliated companies such as million company, which was used to repay the principal and interest of previous debts and personal squandering.

After the expiration of the contract period, Sanyou company claimed money from Jinfa technology with false receipt certificate, and then recovered the repayment from Luo Jianzhong after it was found to have been cheated. Luo Jianzhong only paid Sanyou 1 million yuan, and the rest was unable to repay. At the time of the case, the company actually lost 30.572 million yuan, except for 4.428 million yuan which was paid by the above-mentioned person surnamed Huang.

Qingliu studio noted that the peoples Court of Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and the intermediate peoples Court of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, both held that there was a fault in Jinfa technology, and there was a causal relationship between the fault of Jinfa technology and the loss of the case.

The reason is that, in order to solve the financial difficulties, Luo Jianzhong conducted financing in the form of financing trade. Jinfa technology had participated in a large number of transactions before. In the process of cooperation, according to Luo Jianzhongs inquiry records in public security, Hou Hongjun and Huang shaokes inquiry records in public security, it is reflected that after Luo Jianzhong has formed a debt of 25 million yuan or 27 million yuan to golden hair technology, golden hair technology is no longer willing to advance money by itself, and Luo Jianzhong is required to settle the previous business first. It can be seen that there are serious problems in the credit status of Luo Jianzhong. Jinfa technology signed the receipt certificate of no actual goods exchange with Sanyou company, and was not willing to disclose such information, so it can be concluded that Jinfa technology is at fault.

In addition, according to the public security record, Sanyou company is willing to participate in the financing trade set up by Luo Jianzhong, and the most important thing is that golden hair technology, with listing background and good credit status, provides endorsement guarantee. In other words, Sanyou company was defrauded by Luo Jianzhong. If there was no golden hair technology to promise to pay in the form of sales contract, Sanyou company would not participate in the transaction, and the so-called closed-loop transaction could not be formed.

Sanyou pointed out that because of the contract and transaction mode involved in the case, Jinfa technology has made huge achievements, which has a direct impact on the companys share price and employee performance, and has a corresponding commission per ton (goods) to obtain benefits.

If Sanyou company is established, it will mean that the authenticity of the performance previously disclosed by Jinfa technology will be a question mark.

Liang Yaodan is a senior author of Qingliu studio, who lives in Guangzhou.

Anti epidemic cattle with a market value of more than 44.7 billion yuan were reneged by US enterprises with RMB 7 billion yuan

Seven billion orders, no?

The buyer of Guangdong Technology Co., Ltd. has received an order of $40.9 billion in the evening of May, which was called as the actual payment of $40.9 billion by the buyer of Guangdong Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the latest exchange rate, 975 million US dollars is about 7 billion yuan.

According to the announcement of Jinfa technology on the evening of August 9, 2020, the 29th (Provisional) meeting of the sixth board of directors of the company deliberated and passed the proposal on signing a particularly significant contract by the companys subsidiary Guangdong Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and a company in the United States (hereinafter referred to as the buyer) to sign the goods sales contract During the term of the goods sales contract, the Seller shall sell kn95 masks to the buyer according to the goods sales contract and the buyers specific purchase order.

On May 16, 2020, the seller received a purchase order from the buyer with an order amount of US $975 million for a period of three months. This purchase order stipulates that the buyer shall pay 40% of the order amount to the seller within 3 working days after receiving the proforma invoice provided by the seller.

However, the three-month performance period of the purchase order is about to expire, and the company has not received 40% of the advance payment due from the buyer according to the order. After the seller contacted and wrote many times, the buyer did not give effective reply on whether the contract and order should be continued or delayed. In addition, the contract has lasted three months since the conclusion of the contract. Due to the changes of global epidemic situation and other factors, the supply and demand of goods market and the market price have also changed.

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