Interview: I sold this bottle of water for 100 yuan. The fresh student said, I wont, so I was stunned

 Interview: I sold this bottle of water for 100 yuan. The fresh student said, I wont, so I was stunned

At the end of the day, Lao Zhang suddenly put forward a question: each person on the table has a bottle of mineral water. Who can sell it to me for 100 yuan, and tell me your marketing ideas, we will give priority to those who are admitted. Everyone looked at each other, this wonderful job interview questions are rotten street, how does the director make such a question? Is it necessary to test their sales thinking?

Some students said: the bottle of mineral water in front of me is not ordinary mineral water. This is the water that the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe has drunk, and it has collection value. You give me 100 yuan, I dont sell it yet. This is a marketing strategy with star effect.

Some students said: I use the value-added marketing strategy to send this bottle of mineral water into space, and increase its special added value. Let alone 100 yuan, even a million yuan can not reflect its symbolic significance.

Some students said: I use the marketing strategy of scarce resources to bring this bottle of mineral water to the desert, and sell it to those who are dying of thirst. Do you think water is worth or life is. The price of this bottle of water is priceless because of the scarcity of resources.

Some students said: I use the Internet plus thinking, you scan code download APP will send you this bottle of mineral water, mineral water is not worth, but it brings the value of the passenger resources, diversion value is worth 100 yuan.

Some students said: I use the marketing strategy of live broadcast thinking to sponsor the mine spring to wanghong and expose the brand. The pit fee is worth 200000 yuan.

Some students said: I use the marketing strategy of celebrity effect, and Im going to hold an Internet Conference soon. I invite some big guy to drink this bottle of water. This is the invisible ability to carry goods. First of all, we will achieve the small goal of 100 million yuan.

Lin Zi saw that these famous school students were talking in high spirits, boasting and sweating all over. These well-known students are worthy of high education, high intelligence quotient, brain holes open, flying. I just want to break the skull, cant think of a better way, cant surpass them.

It was Lin Zis turn to answer, and his mind was blank. Lin Zi opened his mouth and was silent for ten seconds, until his brain completely died.

Lin Zi scolded secretly in his heart. These are all wonderful interview questions. I really cant, so he bowed to the interviewer: Im sorry, I wont. I cant sell it to you. Turn around and leave.

Director of human resources Lao Zhang resolutely called Linzi: you have been admitted. The forest was stunned on the spot. The interviewer also looked at Lao Zhang.

This is the answer I want. If you sell this bottle of water for 100 yuan, you will be fooled. Mr. Ma said that selling the comb to a monk is not a sale, but a liar. The previous answers do not fit in with the values of our company. Other students, although your answer is very wonderful, but not in line with our corporate culture, you can go back.

In the evening, Linzi came home and was stunned on the spot. Dad is drinking with Lao Zhang. Lin Zi respected Zhang for a glass of wine and complained: uncle, what strange question you have made today, almost scared me to death. Lao Zhangs eyes glared: I knew you had no goods in your head, but could not compare with those high-quality students. I cant work out this problem. Whats the reason to admit you?

[note] the above story is purely fictional. It aims to satirize the interview phenomenon of some exotic flowers and attack the insidious interview of individual enterprises.