Its disgusting to see a woman selling toilet paper once

 Its disgusting to see a woman selling toilet paper once

Unfortunately, in American womens prisons, this is the reality.

The female prisoners body became a kind of currency.

Want protection, or reward?

The so-called self-esteem has become a kind of poison, which deepens ones sense of shame while leaving him with nothing.

On the contrary, they abandon themselves and survive better.

One female prisoner said, we are prey, like a lion and a herd of antelopes. This is the perfect breeding ground for sex offenders.

Antelope has no right to speak in front of Lion.

They sell their bodies once, which is only equivalent to a roll of paper, a sanitary napkin, a piece of bubble gum

This is a reversal of right and wrong

In womens prison, female prisoners become the inducement for male prison guards to commit crimes.

More frankly, womens prison is a paradise for male prison guards to commit crimes.

Its just leading them to no return.


Human rights, womens prisons in the United States are jokes.

The happiness of prison guards is entirely based on the suffering of female prisoners.

In Rowell prison, prison guards let female prisoners imitate duck barking and bear crawling; spit on their faces, calling them female dogs and porch monkeys; slandering them for stealing

The blind were forced to remove their false eyes;

Prisoners with facial burns suffer from prolonged exposure to the sun in order to obtain the permission of no sunshine;

The prisoner with a leg disability must continue to stand

The punishment made by prison guards is not out of justice.

But out of control of power and desire.

From this point of view, prison guards are more like criminals than female prisoners.

Some prisoners tried to report the bad behavior of the prison guards.

The price is cruel.

They would be held in a four square meter cell, empty.

There are no living things, no relatives and friends visiting prison.

Sexual assault in womens prisons is so widespread that it can only produce one result: an increasing number of pregnant women.

Ironically, when the female prisoner is pregnant, the treatment suddenly gets better.

Not only do not have to work, the food is improved, but also have a separate room.

So here comes the biggest difference.

Is sexual assault a disgrace or a salvation?

Should we resist, or accept with ease?

In this environment, the will to resist and the indomitable spirit will gradually paralyze.

This is the most terrible part of womens prison:

The deeper sin is to bring innocent children into the world and suffer with them.

There are an average of 120 pregnant women every month and more than 300 babies born each year in the womens prison of megala Valley State, California.

These children have no father, and I dont know who the father is.

It can be predicted that they will suffer from various unfair treatment and become the copy of their mother.

This is the most deplorable aspect of womens prison.


In the United States, womens prison is like a curse. The female prisoners who are lucky to get out of prison are likely to be dragged into another abyss.

But they are still in the dark, not knowing that they have long been the prey of pimps.

This was supposed to be some kind of supervision of criminals, but it was used by criminals for other purposes.

The selected female prisoners will receive letters from strangers.

Yes, its just understanding and accepting.

But I didnt realize that the devils claws were reaching out to them

After 24-year-old Jill was in prison, her family broke off contact with her one after another, and she was often accompanied by loneliness and anxiety.

But strangely, she received many letters from the same strange man.

In the letter, there is encouragement and concern; besides, there is material help.

After Jill got out of prison, they became lovers and spent their honeymoon like ordinary people.

The turning point was at a party. She was asked to provide sexual services to other men.

Jill didnt want to lose this relationship. She endured it again and again. Finally, she lost her dominant power in life and became a prostitute.

She began to understand that everything has a price. It is impossible for a person without a family to get close to him or her for nothing.

Especially in the helpless period, any point of care will be infinitely enlarged.

The pimp is very accurate in this point. As one of the pimps said:

She needs my care, I need her to make money for me, thats all.

The mistake of Giles is that they only see the visible prison, but not the invisible prison outside.

Thinking that you can get a new life out of prison is actually the beginning of another nightmare.


Behind this invisible prison is a huge industrial chain.

It starts with Charlie Rawls, the pimp emperor.

In his opinion, female prisoners are abandoned children of society, without family members, residences and friends

After getting out of prison, desperate is the only outcome.

Through a large number of letters, as well as material help, he contacted female prisoners until trust was generated.

Just to take them as soon as they get out of prison.

Theres a prison in Venus, Texas. Theres a lot of taxis parked outside. Theyre all pimps.

They call the womens prison a distribution center for goods..

Female prisoners will be taken to a castle, locked up in a dirty prison, injected with drugs, tasting the taste of life is not like death, and then sign a sales agreement.

Through this kind of means, Richard controlled a large number of female prisoners as a tool for profit.

The average life expectancy of such female prisoners is only 34 years old.

In the illicit drug business,

To live on and on.

There are only two states left in their lives

Drug abuse and exploitation.

Its a dead circle, between prison and crime.

From this point of view, the womens prison in the United States, where the prisoners repentance redemption, is clearly the pimps hunting ground..

They put the hook into the prison, in order to save people in the sea of suffering as a cover.

Half seduction, half concern.

The female prisoner thought that what she saw was the dawn and the hope of salvation. She turned around and found that she was walking into hell.

Unfortunately, by then, the way back had been cut off.

Violence and abuse are coming in other ways.

In these womens prisons, the only operating rule is cold-blooded trading. No reason. A piece of paper, a piece of sugar, there is a corresponding price.

This, their experience, should be more profound than anyone else.

But they forget the pain when the scar is healed.. Still have a fluke, delusion to rely on others out of the sea of suffering.

It can only be explained that if you have illusions and depend on others to change your destiny, you will fall into one trap after another.

He was coerced by various good intentions with ulterior motives.

When will they no longer be infatuated with shortcut and take their own road in a down-to-earth manner so that they can get rid of the prison completely.