Relaxed moment: beautiful pictures and beautiful show do harm to people. This Miss Asia is blind

 Relaxed moment: beautiful pictures and beautiful show do harm to people. This Miss Asia is blind

Under all kinds of irresistible pressure,

I didnt want to try...

Until today, I saw the Miss Asia 2020 campaign interview.

I finally regained my confidence!

It is said that this year 2020 Miss Asias election interview site, that is called a fat ring, swallow thin, beautiful gathering, good luck!

Dont say much, picture above!

What about?

Is it OK!

Ha ha ha ha, OK!

But dont blame me for taking off masks~

You want to see more close ups of beauties?

Satisfy you!

What about?

Its time to exercise your rights!

So many beauties, which one do you pick most?

I dont know if the judge is the contestant selected by the big filter P of Meitu XiuXiu.

However, I still forget about Jinhua. I still know how many catties I have~

Its impossible for you to have a girlfriend like this!

Every day said that girls are not active enough, girls really take the initiative, but you pick up!

You make complaints about Q 1, I can kill you!

But I make complaints about the way I can go out. I cant make complaints about others in public.

This is not true. The first case of abusing people in the circle of friends was recently pronounced in the peoples Court of Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

The specific thing is like this~

Because of the needs of business development, Zhang contracted the companys car washing, fine cleaning and beauty business to Li, and there were contradictions in the cooperation between the two sides.

From June 16 to 17, 2019, in order to vent his anger, Li successively released insulting and defamatory language against Zhang in his circle of friends, including a photo of Zhang.

Cough, frankly speaking, Li Mou scolded Zhang Mou in the circle of friends.

After being discovered by Zhang, Zhang looked at it. Good guy, you scolded me in front of more than 700 people. How can I get mixed up in the circle?

In a fit of anger, Zhang filed a lawsuit against Li, asking him to delete the information of infringing on his reputation, and publicly apologized in the circle of friends and compensated 10000 yuan for spiritual damage.

Recently, after a trial, the court ruled that Li released a wechat circle of friends to apologize to Zhang, eliminate the influence and restore his reputation in a way that does not shield anyone. The content of the apology released should be kept for at least 10 days.

If you want me to say, this Li Mou was punished really not unjust, no fine money is good enough!

It is said that New Zealand, far away from the other side of the ocean, has recently started to recruit witches!

And there is a formal establishment! The City Council pays every year!

However, the annual salary is a little small, only 10000 US dollars (about 72400 yuan), but if we provide food and accommodation, I feel I can!

But which sect do you believe in?

In fact, in the local area, the wizard profession is quite famous, and even this role has become a famous local tourist attraction.

Ian Brackenbury, a former local wizard, said his job was not to cast a spell, but to have fun: the world is getting more serious every day, so now fun is the most powerful magic in the world.

The old man is right!

Its like us. Weve been with you for eight years.

Wind and rain have passed, I dont know which day we disappeared, we will not miss so much.

But I hope you know that we have always loved you all the time~

Jinhua, I really dont know if the recent thundering in Shanghai is related to the temporary vacancy of our New Zealand wizard.

It is said that the thunderstorm in Shanghai last night has made the Oriental Pearl Tower a magnetic storm coil.

I dont believe you watch the video!

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The Oriental Pearl confirmed that lightning hit the spire antenna (source: surging News).

Fortunately, our Oriental Pearl Tower has super lightning rods designed. Although the collection hits the spire, it is drained to the ground through the lightning rod system, so the Oriental Pearl Tower is safe and sound.

Although I dont know which big man is in feishengdu robbery, no matter what the disaster is, people are OK. As for others

Goodbye, Im the Golden Duck!

[easy gas station

This The beach is so white

Raise conscience money, create second-hand business

Today, I gave up my seat and won the favor of my little sister in the same car. The little sister also asked me for contact information. In this way, we added less than two hours, she has already sent me dozens of messages about tea. Because of her beauty, I didnt dare to tell her that the general agent who took the goods was the family of my tea factory

The first time I went to my boyfriends house, he didnt bite me when he saw me. He lay there meekly and motionless. I said to my boyfriend with a smile: your dog is so good! Feel what you want! The boyfriend laughed and said, yes, its old. I nodded as if thinking, said: Yes, I dont like to move when Im old. Boyfriend: Ive been living for a long time. Ive seen a lot of idiots like you. Im too lazy to move!

A friend of mine, for the first time, went to the girl ticket house and bought a cigarette for his father-in-law. After dinner, his father-in-law said, lets go and smoke in the smoking room. The old father-in-law took him into the kitchen, turned on the range hood and said, come on, light it up!

Teacher: in ancient times, I called my wife, generally...

Several boys excitedly called out: cheap wife! They bite the word cheap very heavily. It seems that this kind of address will make them feel very happy.

Teacher: I dont know why. Every class has male students who like this name. I have to explain it every time. I mean, Im the wife of a bitch. Dont get me wrong

When I was in high school, my lips often cracked and I feel shy to let you see that I used to wipe lipstick on a big old man when I was in the bathroom. Once I came out of what I had done from the toilet, a wonderful flower in the class said to me earnestly, Ive been watching you for a long time. Why do you get out of the toilet every time and your mouth is bright!

[daily question

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