At my age, you will understand that the wife is the most important thing

 At my age, you will understand that the wife is the most important thing

On September 4, he suddenly wrote a resignation letter, saying: Im going to take my wife to Lake Baikal to take wedding dresses. This is her wish all along. At my age, I will understand that the wife is the most important thing

After that, he called me to take a picture of his resignation

Later, Wang recalled his feelings when he wrote the resignation letter. He said that 90% of the letter was written to his wife to express his feelings, and another 10% was to himself. He and his wife have been married for 38 years and have been together for so many years. At this age, he knows more and more that his wife is the most important thing in his life.


Our neighbors grandfather Zhao was very angry when he was young. He was very busy with his work. He naturally made a lot of money. He said nothing at home.

Once I heard him lose his temper, I dont know why he yelled at his wife: you are such a person, you are always nagging at everything. Its really long hair and short insight!

But his wifes character is very good, seldom quarrels with him, two people live quite harmoniously.

Later, grandfather Zhao retired and his son went abroad. He became more and more dependent on his wife, which made people laugh.

For example, when Granny Zhao went to the square dance and got home a little late, he would get angry: do you still know how to come back?

The pot has already cooked the rice.

Another example is that when Granny Zhao wants to go out to buy vegetables, he also has to follow her and say she wants to help carry the basket.

Granny Zhao said, I have carried this basket myself for most of my life. I cant carry it.

Once granny Zhao was ill and hospitalized. It was just a stomachache. He was so flustered that he kept by the bedside, crying and calling his wifes nickname, saying, you cant do this to me. You have to get better earlier.

As a result, Granny Zhao once suspected that she had some serious illness and made a false alarm.

After grandma Zhao was discharged from hospital, her grandfather took her to travel and bought her all kinds of rare things.

He said, my wife has worked hard all her life.

In the past, I always thought I was a character. I didnt know until I was old that my wife was the only one I could rely on.

Unfortunately, men rarely understand this when they are young.


I have a friend, two days ago with the children at home watching cartoons, actually saw crying, said: really sad, I married is not as good as a pig.

She was looking at piggy page, mother pigs birthday. Early in the morning, the pig father put the breakfast in the house and let the mother pig eat in the bed. Then she made cakes with the children, arranged birthday parties, invited the pig grandpa and grandma to the party, and gave the mother of pigs a beautiful new dress.

This is not over. Whats more, when mother pig put on her new skirt, father pig took out two tickets and asked his grandparents to take care of the children. He wanted to go out with mother pig alone.

The friend cried at first sight, because that day was her birthday, but she had to take care of little baby at home, and the childs father went out to attend some important dinner party.

Since she gave birth to a baby, her husband has had more and more important dinners, even on her birthday.

She often sympathized with her husbands hard work and tried not to care, but she could not hide her disappointment.

After all, in piggy page, pig dad is at home every day, and outside the TV he lives like a single mother.

If a man is busy, he can always find a hundred reasons for being busy.

When you are young, you are as busy as the earth will not turn away from you, the company will go out of business and the solar system will be dim without you.

When you are old, you will find that your company and your position no longer value you and need you; your parents may have passed away, and your children may be alienated from you because of your long absence, and eventually their wings are hardened and they fly away. You have nothing but your wife who has been with you for most of your life.

I have an alumni who runs a nursing home.

Once I was walking with him on the road, he suddenly asked me, guess, are there more men or women living in the nursing home?

I said, womens life expectancy is longer than mens, it must be more women.

He shook his head and pointed to a supermarket for me to see.

He said, look at those swanky old men, who have a wife around them. Those old men who are down and down, who buy things by themselves, look like their wives are gone.

He added that the old lady had lost her old companion. She still had good friends who were going shopping with her, and her son and daughter were asking for help. If the old lady lost her old companion, she could hardly live.


There is a hot question on the Internet: why do men like to sit in the car for a while before they go home?

Yes, according to relevant statistics, more than half of men like to stay quiet in the car when they drive home.

Maybe its a cigarette, maybe its lying on the steering wheel for a while, maybe its lying back with your seat down, or its just a little empty for a while.

The more pretentious saying is: for men, the back of the car is the company, work and responsibilities; in front of the car are parents, wives and children; as soon as the door is opened, firewood, rice, oil and salt will come. Only in the moment of hiding in the car, he just belongs to himself for a short time.

I dont know if people who say this have ever thought that compared with men, women bear more pressure than men, and they dont even have a car.

So the men I look down on in particular are those who have to play two pieces of Kings glory in the office after work.

Young husband and wife are old friends. They dont know how to support them when they are young. Dont wait for old age to understand who is the most important person.

My friend, who sighed that he was not as good as a pig, once swore bitterly: when he is old and cant move, Ill find a wheelchair to push him to a small park, let him watch me dance with other old men, and let him die!