Huaweis annual salary is 2.01 million yuan, and the young genius is exposed: you are uneducated. Its really cheap

 Huaweis annual salary is 2.01 million yuan, and the young genius is exposed: you are uneducated. Its really cheap

Gifted youth is a project launched by Ren Zhengfei in June last year to attract top talents with top salary.

The salary of gifted youth is divided into three grades. At present, only four people in the world have received the highest annual salary of 2.01 million.

Those who can get such a high salary have to go through strict screening by Huawei. Generally, they need to go through seven rounds of process:

Resume screening, written examination, initial interview, supervisor interview, several ministers interview, President interview, HR interview.

In the end, those who survived are the big men in the big men and the elites in the elites.

For example, Zuo Pengfei, a PhD in computing system architecture, who was selected in 2019, has published more than 10 high-level papers as the first author.

Not only did Guanghua offer him olive branches, but famous enterprises such as Tencent and Alibaba offered him offers. Some even offered him sky high salaries of 40% higher than Huawei.

For example, Zhang Ji, who was selected this year, is also a PhD in computing system architecture, and is engaged in postdoctoral research at indelab, University of Amsterdam.

During his internship in Tencent, he published 7 domestic and international patents, and won the annual outstanding contribution award of Tencent.

He also gave up other companies, even an offer with an annual salary of more than 3.6 million, and finally chose to join Huawei.

In fact, compared with the genius born in the sky, they are more like the silent efforts in the laboratory, and finally ushered in the open up of the young counter attack.

As the official document of Huazhong University of science and technology said: countless ordinary days make todays extraordinary, everything is just a matter of course.

Behind all the halos, they are inseparable from their top self-discipline, love of learning and awe of knowledge.

But those who preach that reading is useless is both stupid and bad. Dont let your uneducated appearance expose your cheapness.


After watching a random interview on the street, I was a little surprised by a little girl after 00.

The interviewer asked, do you know what Deng Jiaxian did?

The little girl frowned: Deng Jiaxian, I dont know.

The interviewer then asked, have you heard of Qian Xuesen?

Whats the money? the little girl asked

Then tactical hesitated for a while, and replied ambiguously, a little familiar with the name.

On Weibo, someone sighed: since I said from the Internet that 0.5 u00d7 0.8 = 0.4 was sprayed, I have never argued with others about anything.

In the comments section at the bottom, the most favorable comments are of this painting style:

Yes, isnt 0.04?, 0.5 is half. Half of 0.8 is 0.04, thats right.

On the app of a pregnant woman, countless pregnant women who have confirmed the babys gender through B-ultrasound are still dreaming of being able to turn female to male.

They prayed online and lined up at the bottom of the posts, hoping to have a son to inherit the family and continue the incense.

On a short video platform, many people use septic tank warning as a stem, saying that if a daughter-in-law is not good, she will have to wait for two tons of water and buy the same meat grinder.

In the eyes of this group of uneducated people, human tragedy has become a joke.

We have ushered in such an era, moving your fingers can get great pleasure in the short term, who is willing to calm down to read?

No brainless and cool articles, stereotyped variety shows, games that give you instant feedback, entertainment news with increasing scale, short videos with dog blood boasting

This kind of consumptive entertainment is useless for your long-term growth, but it can make you fall into it.

The principle is very simple, lying in bed with air conditioning and eating junk food must be much better than sweating and raining in hot weather.

It must be much easier to get a laugh and talk with your finger than to finish a book that is not clear.

So, we are so happy to bang different styles of nipples, become empty head, shallow talk of uneducated people.


Some people in Zhihu asked such a question: are doctoral students particularly knowledgeable, or do they have deep research in a field?? Why do some of the ones I meet feel average?

In fact, it is your ignorance that makes you confident.

You meet a doctor of literature, and you take out a best-selling book and ask him what he thinks. When you say you havent seen it, you think its quite ordinary. You meet a doctor of psychology and ask the other person, guess what Im thinking now? When the other party says he doesnt know, you think hes quite ordinary. You meet an architectural doctor and ask him to help you see how the geomantic omen in the room is. The other party answers in embarrassment that he cant. You think hes very ordinary. He cant even look at Fengshui

This is the performance of the Dake effect. The poorer the knowledge is, the more confident they are in their own mysteries. After learning something, they often feel that they are extremely powerful.

I have seen such a story: there was an old man in Ruzhou rural area who had a rich family, but his ancestors were illiterate and did not know Chinese characters.

Determined to let his son read and read, the old man hired a scholar to be his sons teacher.

On the first day, the teacher drew a brush on the white paper and told his son, this word is read as one.

The next day, the teacher drew two strokes on the white paper with a brush, saying it was a two character.

On the third day, the teacher wrote three strokes on the white paper with a brush, saying that it was a three character.

The son seemed to have realized something, and could not study any more. He threw down his pen and went back to his father happily and said:

Its too easy to read. The child has already learned. Now you dont have to spend so much money to invite your husband. You can dismiss him.

A few days later, the old man wanted to invite a friend named wan to drink, so he asked his son to write an invitation card, and the son agreed.

However, after waiting for a whole day, the sun was about to set, and my son had not finished writing, so the old man was finally impatient.

When I got to my sons room, I saw him sitting at the table with a sad face on his face. A piece of paper was dragged on the ground for a long time. It was covered with underworld.

The son complained, I borrowed my mothers comb, and I can write more than 20 strokes at a time, and I have only written more than 3000 strokes since the morning! Why is the surname Wan?

Those who have no awe of knowledge will be smart, content with a little knowledge and unwilling to continue learning.

However, people like Huaweis gifted youth are already top talents in the field, but they never forget to charge themselves and want to learn more.

A high sentence.


Here are 2 suggestions for you who want to deepen and improve in your field:


Learn narrow door thinking

The road of life can be roughly divided into two categories: wide door and narrow door.

Its easy to get in with a wide door, but the road gets narrower and darker.

Its hard to get in through the narrow door, but the road will be more spacious and bright.

Most of us will choose simple things at the beginning, such as brushing short videos after work and watching some entertainment gossip. We feel that we have learned a little bit of fragmented knowledge today.

But for a long time, your cognitive level has not been improved in a higher dimension. You are always in the same place, and you can only make your career choices narrower and narrower in the future.

The easy way is usually downhill.


Keep reading every day

Charlie Munger said:

None of the smart people Ive met in my life who dont read every day, no, none.

You will find that people who can be classified as excellent can always find time to study every day, no matter how busy they are at work.

The more you learn, the more likely you are to find yourself mentally barren and mentally poor, and more likely to have a heart of awe for knowledge.

Read more books, or your three outlooks are decided by your friends and relatives.

Just like an empty onion, it always follows suit and loses more possibilities.

And only when you come into contact with more knowledge, you will see the beautiful scenery you have never experienced.

Constantly break down the barriers of life, and strive to go to a larger world.