Man sentenced to 5 years parole for stabbing and wounding his wife

 Man sentenced to 5 years parole for stabbing and wounding his wife

On the morning of August 11, a homicide case occurred in Jinmao District of Jining City was circulated on the Internet. The document shows that in the afternoon of August 8, 2020, a fatal injury case occurred in Jinmao community of Qufu City. Qufu Public Security Bureau quickly organized the police to rush to the scene and started the working mechanism of homicide investigation. After initial investigation, the dead Kong menguo, male, 42 years old, and the police officer Xin Mou Mei Department of the same household personnel.

It is understood that on November 7, 2016, Kong Mou Guo cut Xins face and legs in five places with a kitchen knife in Ruyi community, Xiaoxue street, Qufu City, due to a marriage dispute. After forensic identification, Xins injury was classified as grade I minor injury.

In August 2017, Kong was sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Qufu peoples court and transferred to Zaozhuang prison in the same month.

On July 30, Kong was released on parole. On the afternoon of August 8, Xin and Kong went to their home in Jinmao community after going to Konglin to go to their graves. Because Kong wanted to remarry, they had a dispute. Kong took the fruit knife placed indoors and put it to Xins neck. Xin sprayed hot pepper water on Kong and picked up the fruit knife that hole had dropped on the ground. In the process of kongmuos pursuit, Xin Xiaomei stabbed Kong. At 16:48, Xin Meimei called 110 to call the police, saying that in Jinmao community, it would entangle her ex husband to stab him, and had dialed 120. At 17:05, after hospital rescue, Kong had no vital signs.

On the afternoon of August 11, a staff member of Qufu Public Security Bureau told the upstream news reporter that the case was true. At present, Xin Xiaomei had been detained by torture, and the specific situation was still under investigation.

The accident area. Photo source / Jining broadcast

Only eight days on parole and trying to hurt his wife

Upstream news reporters learned from the online inquiry of judicial documents that on July 30, the intermediate peoples Court of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, issued a criminal ruling on the change of criminal penalty for intentional homicide by Kong. According to the ruling, the peoples Court of Qufu City, Shandong Province, issued a criminal judgment on August 14, 2017, and sentenced the defendant to five years imprisonment for intentional homicide (the term of imprisonment is from November 7, 2016 to November 6, 2021). The judgment shall be delivered for execution after it has legal effect.

According to the court trial, the criminal, Kong menguo, pleaded guilty and repented during his sentence, conscientiously abided by laws and regulations and prison regulations, accepted education and reform, participated in ideological, cultural, vocational and technical studies, actively participated in production and worked hard to complete the labor task. From April 2018 to March 2020, he was praised by the prison seven times. The executive organ provided the criminal appraisal form of each year since the criminal Kong mengguo was put into prison, as well as the approval form of praise and reward, and the confession letter to prove the above facts. The evidence is indeed sufficient to identify.

On April 13, Qufu Municipal Bureau of justice made an investigation and evaluation opinion: Kongs impact on the village is general. Therefore, the Zaozhuang intermediate peoples court ruled that the criminal Kong Miguo was granted parole (the probation period of parole is from the date of parole to November 6, 2021).

In addition, the upstream news reporter noticed that at about 5:00 p.m. on August 11, the criminal verdict on the change of criminal punishment for intentional homicide of Kong was no longer found on the Chinese judicial documents website.

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