Yang Jiang: smart women dont ask these three things in their feelings

 Yang Jiang: smart women dont ask these three things in their feelings

Just like Mr. Yang Jiang, known as the last talented woman in the Republic of China, she is such a woman.

She knows what is the most important thing for herself, so she wont waste her time in the boring tangle. Her life is calm and calm.

Today we are going to have a chat. A smart woman like Mr. Yang Jiang never asks about anything.

Dont ask if you love yourself

The relationship between Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu is enviable. Although there is no grandeur and heroism, there is a kind of inseparable companionship.

They fell in love at first sight. Qian Zhongshu said, Im not engaged. Yang Jiang said shyly and nervously, I dont have a boyfriend.. So they fell in love.

Yang Jiang said: I am an old man. I always say some old sayings. For the times, I am a laggard. I have no good words to contribute to modern marriage. I just want to remind young people today that the most important thing for men and women to combine is emotion, which is the degree of mutual understanding between the two sides. Only with deep understanding can we appreciate and attract each other, and we can support and support each other Encouragement is the only way to make two people happy. Its not important to be a good match and everything else.

It is because of mutual attraction and appreciation that Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu came together. After marriage, they also supported and encouraged each other.

In July 1935, Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang held a wedding ceremony in Suzhou. Shortly after their marriage, Qian Zhongshu won the Sino British Gengqian scholarship for studying abroad. Fearing that he could not take good care of himself, Yang Jiang did not hesitate to interrupt his studies at Tsinghua University and accompanied him to Britain and France for a study tour. In the process of study, Qian Zhongshu contracted all the trivial matters in his daily life.

After that, they went through turbulent times together. Yang Jiang supported Qian Zhongshus creation, and one person shouldered the burden of supporting his family. The book besieged was created at that time.

Such a marriage doesnt sound magnificent, but it is full of ordinary romance. Yang Jiang doesnt lose her passion because of the fuel, rice, oil and salt. Instead, she keeps Qian Zhongshus mischievous and infatuation, so that the man who has no ability to live and always loves pranks has been living happily.

Marriage is indeed a besieged city, but it can also become a haven for us. How people feel in it depends on their mentality.

Like many women, Yang Jiang never asks Qian Zhongshu whether she loves herself or not, nor torments herself and each other with some unrealistic fantasies.

All are the same besieged city, different people with different management methods can get different results. Qian Zhongshu said affectionately when referring to Yang Jiang: before I met her, I never thought of marrying her. I have married her for decades and never regret marrying her.

I think, this is a womans best happiness. Smart women will not always ask each other whether they love themselves, but will see with their eyes, listen with their ears, feel with their hearts, and know how to operate.

I often hear people ask, is it worth paying so much for this person?

In fact, the real life is always sunshine and rain, no one can be smooth, always smooth. But smart women can always face everything calmly, and firmly choose what they want, never regret.

This is the case with Yang Jiang. Before she married Qian Zhongshu, she had a very good family, but after she married Qian Zhongshu, she went through war and turbulence with him and lived a vagrant and precarious life.

But even in such an environment, Yang Jiang is still optimistic. She sacrificed her time in learning to take care of the familys daily life, but she has no regrets. She said: there will be no simple happiness in the world. Happiness is always mixed with worries and worries, and there is no forever in the world.

It is like this, she will never be defeated by difficulties, but the more suffering, the more resolute, keep her original heart, go forward bravely until the dawn comes.

This is the true wisdom of women, before making a choice carefully, after the real choice is determined, they understand the original face of life is how, can also see through the truth of life without hesitation to continue to love life.

As Yang Jiang said: contentment is the best way to refine the mind and purify the mind. All the enjoyment of happiness belongs to the spirit. This kind of happiness turns endurance into enjoyment, which is the victory of spirit for material. This is the philosophy of life.

And Yang Jiang is not only for her feelings, but also for her career.

Since she was a child, she has always been an intellectual in her parents home. When she was eight years old, her father, Yang yinhang, sent her to Qiming womens school. Although she had to leave home alone, she was still determined because of her desire for knowledge.

Later, Yang Jiang, who loves literature, wanted to study in the literature department of Tsinghua University, but at that time, Tsinghua University did not accept female students, so Yang Jiang could only go to Soochow University. Even so, she never gave up the idea of studying in Tsinghua University. Finally, she enrolled female students and was admitted to the Foreign Language Department of Tsinghua University.

Yang Jiang, a fan of books, learned English and French languages and translated little scabby and Jill bras. Later, in order to translate Don Quixote, he studied Spanish at the age of 48, and carefully compared and deliberated until he translated the translation that satisfied him.

She always writes the life of ordinary people with the most humble attitude. She is tireless and calm. No matter how the people and things around her change, she never gives up the pursuit of literature and knowledge she loves.

As Yang Jiang said: only those who are humble have the most chance to see the truth of human nature. If a person doesnt want to climb higher, he will not be afraid of falling down, nor will he have to push and push. He can keep his innocence, become natural and concentrate on what he can do

To be a smart woman, you should learn to be firm and resolute. When you have enough firm belief, you can make your life more satisfied and less regret.

Dont ask what others think of yourself

Most people who are not happy are especially concerned about what others think of themselves. Just like many women, living in the shackles of wife, mother and good woman, they cant relax or even be happy.

But you must know that when you care too much about what others think of you, you will be frightened by the image of yourself in others eyes, because it is not the real you.

In this regard, I think Mr. Yang Jiang has done a very good job. She has always lived a free and easy life. No matter what kind of environment she is in, she will not fight for it.

She said, I dont argue with anyone, I dont care who I argue with. Simple life and noble soul are the highest realm of life.

In her later years, she suffered from the death of her daughter and her husband. Although she was sad and reluctant to give up, she did not indulge in and feel sorry for herself. She wrote and completed the three of us, recording the happiness of the three of her family. At the same time, she sorted out the collection of her husband Qian Zhongshu.

During this period, there have been outside media to interview her, but she refused one by one, and even the seminar did not attend.

In this way, she has been keeping the purity of her heart. At the end of the day, she lives pure, so she is happy.

Smart women should be like this, do not ask others how to look at themselves, only firm in their own heart, believe that their own eyes are the most real, the best, after all, our life is to their own, those who point to you in addition to pain can not give you anything, then why do you care about their evaluation?

Life in the world, just a few decades, trying to make themselves happy, is the best.

Smart women should be reserved, calm, calm, and free and easy. Smart women are wise as fools, know how to hide their clumsy, and will not be entangled in superfluous emotions.

Just like Yang Jiang, she never wastes her time in useless questioning. Instead, she keeps her inner peace. In this way, she has the most perfect life.

Be a smart woman together and have the happiest life of your own.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.