There is a kind of people who look perfect, but please stay away from them

 There is a kind of people who look perfect, but please stay away from them

Their emotions are as changeable as the weather. At the beginning, they are passionate about you, as if you are the most intimate people in the world. But suddenly, TAs emotions will fall to the bottom without any warning, or even become hysterical. They pour their anger on you, and you seem to become the most intolerable people in the world.

This kind of person may be your friend, may be your family member, may also be your lover.

But after getting along with each other for a long time, no matter how much you adjust yourself, no matter how careful you are, this situation will continue to happen.

This makes you have a strong sense of frustration and powerlessness. When you are tired and die, and want to get rid of the relationship between two people, the attitude of the other party will immediately change and constantly beg for your forgiveness.

If you are in a love relationship, in order to recover the relationship, they will use extreme methods such as cutting wrists, swallowing sleeping pills and so on to coerce you and drag you back into the relationship.

If you are soft hearted, they will be very good and obedient to you, you will spend a period of time sweetly, but before long, you will be familiar with the game of breaking up and compounding.

If you have met a person with a personality disorder, then it is very likely that you have met such a person.


How to understand people with borderline personality disorder?

In short, we can know people with borderline personality disorder from the following aspects.

Emotional disorder

Its main performance has two points, one is extremely sensitive.

They usually have a highly sensitive emotional system, so it is easy to capture unfavorable information from other peoples tone, expression or other details, and then imagine the information very serious, so the emotion will burst out at once.

Because of this hypersensitivity, people around them have an inexplicable sense of their emotional outburst.

The second manifestation of emotional disorders is extremely variable.

People with borderline personality disorder have rapidly changing emotions. In a short period of time, a person can change from laughter to shame, and then to anger and sadness. On the whole, their emotions are unpredictable.


Interpersonal disorder

People with borderline personality disorder are struggling in the relationship. They are eager for relationship. They think that relationship, especially intimate relationship, is the most important thing in their own world. The departure of people around them will make them fall into deep fear.

However, their changeable emotions, fierce expression and lack of interpersonal skills will continue to hurt the people around them and push others away from themselves.

Such a contradiction leads to their interpersonal relationship often falling into chaos, and they themselves become more anxious.


Some people will quit their jobs, end a relationship, overeat, drink too much or do other impulsive things when they are extremely emotional.

In extreme cases, they may also try to kill themselves or even commit suicide.

Sometimes, knowing that there is a danger, they will do it without thinking. Sometimes they try to control themselves, but eventually they do.

In short, its hard for them to control their impulsive behavior.

Self maladjustment

Most people have a clear and stable understanding of themselves.

We have our own roles and values, we know what we like and what we dont like, and we have our own dreams and goals.

But people with borderline personality disorder dont know who they are. In many cases, they cant know what their experience is, how they feel, what they think, and what their values and preferences are.

Because they have no self, they are very vulnerable to external influences, and a little bit of wind and grass can make them have a violent reaction.


Cognitive dissonance

People with borderline personality disorder always have doubts.

Often, this suspicion is wrapped in the shell of extreme emotions and interpersonal chaos.

Whether you have the idea of leaving or not, TA will feel that you want to leave and break up. Driven by this idea, TA will become more emotional, more panic, and then constantly blame you.

For people with borderline personality disorder, such suspicions can be repeated, which can lead to fatal damage to their relationship.

Its extremely difficult to get along with people with borderline personality. Even psychological counselors often have a headache in the face of this type.

Of course, if the person you love is unfortunately a marginal person, or your family is such a person, or even you are this type of person, then it is the right way to turn to professional psychologists for help.