Huang Shengyi, was Yang Zi really delayed?

 Huang Shengyi, was Yang Zi really delayed?

In 2005, Huang Shengyi and Zhou Xingchis Xinghui company filed a lawsuit to terminate the contract. Finally, Yang Zi took out 6 million yuan to help Huang Shengyi pay the penalty for breach of contract.

From then on, the two began a dozen years of bundled cooperation, from career to life.

Yang Zi has always been controversial, and he has been ridiculed, flaunting and hyping all the way. However, Huang Shengyi openly declared that he adored Yang Zi in a recent interview.

Once upon a time, Huang Shengyi was a very independent and rebellious girl. Why did he make a 180 degree turn after meeting Yang Zi? Are you willing to be a arranged or informed person?

We have to talk about Huang Shengyis original family.

It has been widely circulated that how powerful Huang Shengyis family of original intellectuals was, but is it really so? Are they really good at educating Huang Shengyi?

What lessons are hidden in the deep binding between Yangzi and Huang Shengyi? A comprehensive analysis is in the official account of non - horse FM.

Huang Shengyi, was Yang Zi really delayed?

Today, Id like to introduce a blogger, Fei Fei Ma, to you. She wrote the above article.

At present, she shuttles between China and Britain to do cultural entrepreneurship. She is a very passionate person who dares to toss and toss.

At the age of 31, he gave up his media career and went to the UK to study for a masters degree in film studies;

At the age of 33, he started to establish a subsidiary in the UK for a top cultural state-owned enterprise and became the general manager;

At 36, she left a stable state-owned enterprise and started her own business. She is now a standard slash youth, entrepreneur / columnist / chief representative of the UK China Film Festival.

Prince William also wrote to thank her for her contribution to the cultural exchange of Chinese and British films.

Attend the design Biennale in London at the Foreign Office

Her readers like her and praise her for her sharp, profound, original, rational and logical expression. Carina Lau, CCTV host Liu Xin and famous host Jinxing have all spontaneously turned around her articles in the circle of friends.

People who know her admire her persistence and abundant energy. Her experience shows that every step of life will not go in vain.

When she was a junior in college, she had no media internship experience. Just because of the impulse of try it out, Zhang Yimou successfully made an exclusive interview with Zhang Yimou from the audience meeting to the hotel where Zhang Yimou stayed. The article was published in the magazine of college students.

She loves interviewing and writing from the bottom of her heart, and has long focused on womens issues. She is about to launch a series of interviews with outstanding women in the workplace between China and Britain. She has interviewed Carina Lau, Yan Li Ma, the dean of London fashion school, and the female founder of links of London brand, such as annuushka.

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There are many Legends about lady Xie Lingling, a famous lady in Xiangjiang. She has always been a legend.

Eight year old child star came out, 23-year-old scenery married into a Hong Kong rich family, but after giving birth to five children, she experienced a boiling divorce event at the age of nearly 40.

Because her ex husband moved to the famous actress Wang Zuxian.

In the end, because her parents-in-law was in charge, she got a sky high divorce fee of HK $400 million, more than Princess Diana, who divorced a year later.

Whats more legendary is that she still has a mother daughter relationship with her former mother-in-law for 25 years without being a Lin Tai.

Not without suffering, she not only educated her five children very well, but also made herself a female model of lifelong learning and continuous growth

When I was nearly 40 years old, I learned English from scratch. After my divorce, I joined hands with my friends to start a business and learn business investment. When I was 58, I went to the CEO class of Cheung Kong Business School and learned painting and dancing

How can such a legendary woman overcome the emotional injury of being divorced in middle age, successfully complete the identity transformation from Lin Tai to Miss Xie, and become an independent working woman?

With the introduction of friends, Fei Fei Ma De Yuan interviewed the legendary lady of Guanxiang River, bringing her wonderful life stories.

Interview with Xie Lingling | in the post Lin Tai era, she became a well respected lady Miss Xie in Xiangjiang

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Different from Ms. Xie Linglings attitude towards her husbands infidelity, Ma Yili was ridiculed for her sentence marriage is not easy, and you should cherish it.

However, when she was interviewed by Sanlian Life Weekly in 2010, she once boasted that:

Im ready for a divorce.

As a result, she claimed to be ready for divorce, but she chose forbearance when she was confronted with the meet on Monday incident more than three years later. At that time, she had just had a second child.

A few years later, she finally chose to end the marriage.

So, why? How can we interpret the change of Ma Yilis attitude towards marriage? What are the secrets and lessons of marriage?

Ma Yilis commander model and independence and dependence in marriage

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Fei Fei Ma not only writes about women, but also analyzes men from a more rational perspective.

Some time ago, Luo Zhixiangs melon, each family has its own views. Its not a horses point of view, with sharp words. It doesnt stop at analyzing the event itself, but deeply interprets human nature and mens sexual psychology

She believes that to analyze Luo Zhixiangs sexual psychology, we need to ask several important questions

Why is he so keen on dating?

Why is he keen on together with his good brother?

Why does he emphasize filial piety to his mother?

Why did he choose Zhou Yangqing as his genuine girlfriend?

The most thorough and thorough analysis of Show Luo in the whole network is in the non - Malaysian FM official account.

Academic analysis of Luo Zhixiangs rollover incident: from his male psychology

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When we analyze the stars, we not only draw them close to us, but also summarize all kinds of practical goods.

For example, there was a time when the whole network said that a good marriage is mutual fulfillment and mutual achievement.

So, what kind of relationship can achieve mutual perfection rather than mutual damage?

Everyone wants to have the ability to manage a good marriage, but where does this ability come from?

By analyzing the marriage between Chen Hong and Chen Kaige, Fei Fei Ma answers the two or three things you want to know about marriage.

Chen Kaige and Chen Hong: are they mutually beneficial or mutually damaging?

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Lang Langs wife, Gina, is now widely praised as the model of a perfect wife, but it has become the standard of choosing a daughter-in-law that the rich are fascinated by.

Because she:

Her face is three-dimensional and delicate, her body is plump, her hips are slim and her waist is slim. She is known as Barbie of the world. Her 56cm waist is even popular;

He was also an outstanding pianist and graduated from a famous school;

In addition, she took care of almost all the housework.

And the smart Gina is no longer like the women of the past who regard giving birth to children and assisting her husband as the whole of her life. She is more intelligent and knows how to add value to herself through marriage. (Note: for example, build yourself into a super traffic network red, and enhance your business value.)

Therefore, some articles boast: the magic Gina, shows the possibility of a new generation of women, career and family can be perfect.

However, Fei Fei Ma sniffed out the great danger and retrogression in many flattering articles.

Should the magical Gina be touted as the perfect wife? Is she demonstrating a kind of womens progress or a great retrogression?

The in-depth analysis of this hot money written by Fei Fei Ma has been highly praised and reprinted by many large-scale companies.

From Gina to Gina: Mrs. Lang Langs negative social significance

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Many people watch the entertainment industry to see the excitement, but familiar with the non non non horse circle, see more ways, games, confrontation, chips, interest exchange and so on.

She writes about star analysis, always from a unique angle.

Pay attention to non FMA FM, click original selection in the menu bar to read more articles.

At that time, she started from the media by mistake. She wrote a drama review (click on the blue character to view it) during the holiday, and it was widely reprinted.

Her film and television reviews, gender emotional analysis, in-depth entertainment reviews, celebrity interviews, east-west workplace experience, are deeply loved by global elite women and female readers eager to grow up.

If you want to make friends with her, welcome to add her personal wechat (not assistant): feifeifeima778.

It is highly recommended that you pay attention to her nickname: Fei Fei Ma FM. Her rich life experience and thoughts will probably open a window of your life.

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