Putin: Russia has registered the first new crown vaccine, and her daughter has been vaccinated

 Putin: Russia has registered the first new crown vaccine, and her daughter has been vaccinated

Putin mentioned that his daughter had been vaccinated with the vaccine: my daughter also took part in the experiment. On the first day after the vaccination, her temperature was 38 degrees, and on the next day she fell a little more than 37 degrees, but that was all. After the second vaccination, her temperature rose slightly again, but soon after that everything was normal. She feels good and her antibody titer is very high.

Russias health minister, murashko, also said the vaccine would start production at two sites, the gamaliya Institute and binnopharm. Murashko said that several countries have expressed concern about the vaccine in Russia, and will study the production and promotion overseas.

The vaccine was jointly developed by the gamaliya National Research Center for epidemiology and microbiology under the Ministry of health of Russia and the Russian Ministry of defense. The clinical trial was started on June 18 and completed on August 1. A total of 38 volunteers participated in the trial stage, all of whom were immunized and had no adverse reactions.

In addition, another new crown vaccine developed by the Russian vector national virology and biotechnology research center is currently in the stage of clinical trials. It is planned to carry out national registration in September, and the first batch of vaccine is planned to be put into production in October.

Duterte is willing to take the lead in vaccinating Russias new crown vaccine: I will do it in public

On the evening of 10th local time, Philippine President duterte said at a press conference that the Philippines had agreed to accept the new coronavirus vaccine provided by Russia, and he said he would be the first person to vaccinate Russia.

When the vaccine arrives, you can test it on me first. For me, I will inject it in public, duterte said Duterte called Russian President Vladimir Putin his Idol and sought to strengthen ties with Russia. Manila could help Moscow in clinical trials and localized production, he added.

Russian ambassador to the Philippines Igor hovayev said earlier that Russia is ready to provide vaccines to Manila and invest in local production. Kiril dmitryev, director of the Russian direct investment foundation, said that the foundation was preparing to carry out clinical trials of the new coronal vaccine in the Philippines in August. The Philippines is one of Russias important partners in the field of new coronal vaccine, and the Russian direct investment foundation is preparing to carry out clinical trials in the Philippines in August.