Win all-round victory in the fight against poverty

 Win all-round victory in the fight against poverty

Since the beginning of this year, the largest scale poverty relief conference since the eighteen Party Congress has been launched to the whole party, the whole society and the whole society, and to investigate in Shaanxi, Shanxi and Ningxia, so as to promote the consolidation of poverty alleviation. Xi Jinping, general secretary, attached great importance to the quality and effectiveness of tackling poverty. The general secretary has set a good example and constantly deepened our understanding of the continuity and stability of poverty alleviation, inspired us to overcome difficulties with greater determination and strength, and to achieve good results, so as to ensure the overall victory of poverty alleviation.

This is an extraordinary year. The impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and the flood in southern China since June have increased the difficulty of tackling poverty. Some poor people failed to go out to work in time, resulting in reduced income and increased pressure on housing, medical care and education expenditure; many poverty alleviation products were unsalable, poverty alleviation projects were shut down and it was difficult to resume work and production; some assistance work was affected. These situations remind all regions and departments that the poverty-stricken population has the risk of returning to poverty, and the marginal population has the risk of poverty. We must fully understand the seriousness and complexity of the current poverty alleviation work, and we must think ahead and do the work ahead.

To speed up the establishment of a mechanism to prevent poverty monitoring and assistance, general secretary Xi Jinpings important instructions have provided us with a crucial starting point. On the one hand, monitoring focuses on prevention in advance, closely tracking the people whose income or expenditure have dropped sharply due to epidemic diseases and disasters, discover and identify them in advance, establish files and cards in time, and ensure the enjoyment of relevant policies; on the other hand, assistance focuses on post-mortem remedy, and precise measures should be taken to help those who have the ability to work, such as industry and employment, to help those who have no ability to work We should strengthen social security measures such as subsistence allowances and assistance.

Developing industry is the fundamental policy to get rid of poverty and prevent it from returning to poverty. Auricularia auricula in the depth of Qinling Mountains, small yellow flowers in Shanxi Province, and wine from the south of the Yangtze River in the Great Wall General secretary Xi Jinping has praised the vivid models of poverty alleviation in recent years. We should develop industries according to local conditions, extend the industrial chain, and realize the endogenous cycle from blood transfusion to hematopoiesis through financial and taxation support and professional cooperative organization innovation; we should pay attention to labor skill training, carry out poverty alleviation workshop construction, establish stable interest connection mechanism, promote employment, enrich the masses, stabilize the poverty alleviation effect, and stimulate the poverty alleviation and wisdom support It is necessary to innovate working methods, fully utilize new technologies and modes such as e-commerce and live broadcasting to realize the docking of production and marketing and the matching of labor supply and demand.

Victory is just around the corner, and the bugle of the decisive battle has been sounded. The more we come to the critical moment, the more we have to clench our teeth and win this crucial battle with extraordinary achievements. Party committees and governments at all levels should be cautious and firm, keep the masses in mind and shoulder the responsibility, improve the quality of poverty alleviation, continuously consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and ensure the decisive victory and the achievement of poverty alleviation that can stand the test of history and the people.