After Chengdu, the attendance rate of Shanghai cinema can be relaxed to 50percent from August 14

 After Chengdu, the attendance rate of Shanghai cinema can be relaxed to 50percent from August 14

Among the films released on Friday (August 14), the 152 minute 4K restored 3D version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone, and the 147 minute advance order of eight hundred exceeded the two-hour viewing time limit. At present, the pre-sale situation of these two films is good, and the arrangement is also favored. A cinema staff member told reporters that if a break is forced to be arranged, it may cause audiences of different times to gather in the public space of the cinema, which will also increase the difficulty of dressing up. The notice of loosening of the regulations on the intermission is in time.

Pre sale of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone as of press release.

At the screening venue of eight hundred on August 14, 50% of the tickets were sold in separate seats.

In addition, according to Red Star News, major cinemas in Chengdu have also received relevant notices. The specific notices received by major cinemas in Chengdu are as follows: from August 14 (this Friday), first, the attendance rate in cinemas will be increased from 30% to 50%; second, watching films longer than two hours does not require intermission; third, appropriately extending the break time between the venues and doing a good job of ventilation and disinfection; fourth, cinemas can sell drinks, but drinking water and eating are prohibited in cinemas.

The attendance rate of cinemas in Chengdu will be relaxed to 50% starting from the 14th, and there is no need for intermission

According to the news on August 11, recently, news began to circulate on the Internet that from the end of this week, the attendance limit of cinemas in some provinces and cities in China will be relaxed to 50%. Red Star News reporters today sought confirmation from major cinemas in Chengdu to confirm that cinemas have received relevant notices.