[happy flowers bloom in the new frontier] Ewenki people: the sun blossoms and small colored beads make a rainbow of wealth

 [happy flowers bloom in the new frontier] Ewenki people: the sun blossoms and small colored beads make a rainbow of wealth

The earliest way of making sunflower is to use animal skin as the base, decorated with colored stones. Now, as the state attaches more and more importance to the culture of ethnic minorities, Ewenkis sunflower also radiates new vitality. In addition to the traditional way of production, handicraft people use color beads, rabbit hair, artificial hair and other materials, constantly expanding the possibility of sunflower. The picture shows a craftsman making a sunflower in the hunting village of zhabaqi Ewenki nationality township in Arong Banner on August 3. (Photo by Li Gang / Guangming)

Li Ruonan is the inheritor of Ewenkis sunflower handicraft. At first, making sunflower was just her hobby and her partners hobby. Later, folk tourism was carried out in the village, and many tourists were very interested in our sunflowers. We thought, why not make some sunflowers to sell? This will not only increase our income, but also spread Ewenkis national culture. She said. The picture shows Li Ruonan introducing the meaning of sunflower to tourists on August 3. (Photo by Pandy / bright)

The price of a small sunflower ornament is about 30-40 yuan, and it can be sold to several hundred pieces with complicated technology. Every time she sells a sunflower, Li Ruonan will make a record, sort out the customers preferences, and record the most popular one and its color matching. The picture shows the finished product of sunflower made by the trainees of the handicraft training class in the Ewenki township of Chabaqi on August 3. (Photo by Pandy / bright)

With more and more sunflowers sold, Li Ruonan began to take the village women to make sunflowers. I provide them with raw materials, and they make semi-finished products. I take them back and process them. I pay them on a piece by piece basis. Women in Hunters village make sunflowers at a handicraft center on August 3. (Photo by Pandy / bright)

Villager Wang Yingli, the mother of two children, told reporters that after sending her children to kindergarten every day, she would come to make sunflowers for a while to earn some pocket money.. For a small one like this, we can make 10 yuan for a small one. In a day, we can make three or four, and more, five or six. In a month, it can earn more than 1500 yuan. Wang Yingli is making sunflowers on August 3. (Photo by Pandy / bright)

Zhang Cuiying, 66, is also a skilled worker in making sunflowers. Its so nice to be here, chatting and doing the work and making money at the same time. She told reporters that the government has built a new house in the village, with free heating and water supply; convenient transportation makes it convenient for children to go to school and the elderly to see a doctor. We are in good health now, and we have nothing short of. This is a well-off life. (Photo by Pandy / bright)