Yan Chengxu, 43, and Shen Yue, 23, are in love with each other

 Yan Chengxu, 43, and Shen Yue, 23, are in love with each other

It has to be said that, compared with female artists, the film and television industrys tolerance for male artists is obviously much higher.

Yan Chengxu, 43, can still play the leading role in idol dramas, but big s, who played his opposite role in meteor garden, is going to play his mother for Wang.

However, inclusiveness is on the one hand. Whether the show can satisfy the audience is obvious on the other handu2014u2014

I love you so much


To be honest, I love you so much. It has some selling points.

The biggest gimmick of the play is to get together the 2001 Version of Daoming temple and the 2018 version of Chinese fir to break the dimensional wall of cooperation.

The two previously worked together on trump versus trump

For example, the phrase are you an idiot often used in Daoming temple.

Or the vulgar police constipation:

If apologies work, what do you want the police for?

Have appeared in the play one after another.

Moreover, the story also continues the old routine of overbearing president falling in love with silly white sweetu2014u2014

Unfortunately, the designer meets the proud editor in chief. They exchange luck because of accidental kiss, and then have love in various collisions.

A series of unremarkable marisu old Terriers are staged in turn

Drunk, car accident, childhood memories

Xiaoyou, the female master, is a girl with the spirit of decay.

In her daily life, she is always in trouble

Either brush your teeth suddenly stop water, or you get a broken umbrella in rainy days, or you get broken when you take a taxi, or you are pushed out by the elevator

And she also suffered from hypoglycemia and often fainted at a disagreement.

Although Tong Xiaoyou has been haunted by bad luck, she still smiles at life and is positive and optimistic.

He is the chief editor of the design department of a large company. He not only has a firm say in the company, but also has won the best fashion figure of the year for six consecutive years.

Seeing this, it is not difficult to find that the main characters in I love you are the typical combination of cold and excellent men + unlucky and optimistic women.

This kind of no new combination, basically all is born out of the old-fashioned Marius setting.

Other idol dramas are often kiss for love, but the setting of I love you is one kiss for luck.

However, it did not make good use of this setting, but fell into the stereotyped plot.

The so-called luck exchange is actually just a gimmick. In essence, it is for the sake of sugar.

In order to let the male and female master collide to give out the spark, the screenwriter also writes the extremely strong leading role halo to Tong Xiaoyou.

Since the design department has been fully recruited when applying for a job, Tong Xiaoyou, who liked to design since childhood, was assigned to the administration department.

But even so, she successfully joined the design department by fabricating a transfer order.

Moreover, her design drawings were accidentally seen by editor in chief Lu Xingcheng, who was promoted to become a celebrity around the editor and entrusted with important tasks.

However, for the work delivered by the leader, Tong Xiaoyou not only failed to show his due professionalism, but also repeatedly lowered his IQ.

After entering the company, she committed countless stupid things:

But Tong Xiaoyou, who has made many big mistakes, can always easily get the favor of the editor in chief.

However, the reason why Lu Xingcheng made these favoritism to Tong Xiaoyou did not pave the way.

In fact, this kind of indulgence in love (easy to fall into love) is a common problem in many Ba Zong idol dramas, that is, the male host is indifferent to the whole world, and only the female host is warm-hearted.

As for why he was like this, when did he fall in love with the mistress?

The audience had no idea. (dont ask. Ask is what the plot needs)


Although the plot collapses severely, but as a sweet favorite drama, if CP is good at kowtowing, it can still recover certain popularity.

However, the sense of CP created by the two protagonists in the play is more indescribable.

Earlier, the topic of Shen Yue Yan Chengxus CP feeling was once overheated.

As a result, the comment area under the topic has become a large rollover scene.

Some netizens directly said that seeing Shen Yue and Yan Chengxu standing together, they always felt that the development of the story was the recognition of father and daughter, not love.

Although Yan Chengxu is still domineering and has eight abdominal muscles, he still has a strong sense of embarrassment and disobedience.

On the contrary, Wei Zheming, the male number two, seems to be more than Shen Yues CP feeling.

No wonder some netizens said:

In addition to age, the two people in temperament, also appears to be very incompatible.

Shen Yue, who is petite in stature, is more inclined to the cured girl of Salt Department. Therefore, in the appearance design, the stylist will also create her towards the fresh wind of Japanese style.

However, Yan Chengxus personal temperament retains the unrestrained and unrestrained youth style in the ancient idol drama.

Put together, it is obvious that there are two generations with different generations.

In addition, Shen Yue, who plays old line again, has no improvement in acting skills for several years.

It is still watery, still with the three magic weapons of staring, pouting and roaring.

Fortunately, due to Shen Yues good modeling in the play, her temperament and fashion sense have been greatly improved, but to a certain extent, it also makes up for her lack of acting skills.


In addition to the weak points of the plot and the lack of CP sense, I also like you also has many flaws, large and small.

Most of the characters in the play look very flat, just like tool people.

The ladys best friend only appears when the plot needs to, and has some unimportant dialogue with the hostess, and the rest of the time is automatically invisible.

As the chief model of the magazine, Wenxi, the second female, thinks most about how to throw her arms to the editor in chief and stir up gossip.

The whole meaning of its existence is to pave the way for the emotional line between men and women.

Although the play tells a story related to the design circle, the story of the play has been hanging on the surface, without giving any close-up of the workplace or social pain.

The man fell from a high building and was hospitalized. As a result, only his neck and leg were slightly injured, which was totally illogical.

Moreover, I love you in the editing aspect, also appears very perfunctory, even some necessary transition has not been arranged.

One second the woman and the man are in the same frame, and the next she suddenly appears beside the man.

If the apple is still peeling in the last second, it will be peeled automatically in the next second.

The man is clearly in the infusion set, but the switch of the infusion set in the picture is not turned on.

There are many careless details like this in the play.

Looking at it, most of them are shoddy drama.

Whether it is the plot, characters, or editing, production, all can not withstand a bit of scrutiny.

The idol drama set by Mr. Ba seems simple, but in fact, it tests the acting skills of the actors. If the boys dont perform well enough, they will not be Ba. After playing, they will be easy to get greasy. Girls will easily immerse themselves in the same level of elementary silly, white and sweet all the time.

Have you seen the play? If you were asked to rate, how much would you give?

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