The truth: did Tik tok attack wechat again? Foreign media: the so-called net net action of the United States splits the global Internet

 The truth: did Tik tok attack wechat again? Foreign media: the so-called net net action of the United States splits the global Internet

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According to Bloomberg, wechat is the key to Chinas digital life. Hundreds of millions of people in China use wechat for shopping, payment, communication, web browsing, and various business and personal communications. The administrative order will ban all transactions involving wechat, which will prevent Apple users from downloading and using wechat through Apples app store.

Without wechat, consumers in China and elsewhere in Asia may no longer be willing to buy an Apple phone. An online forum popular with stock investors once asked users: if Apple removed wechat from its app store, would you give up Apple or wechat? The voting results showed that the ratio of giving up Apple mobile phone and giving up wechat was 20:1.

Anand Srinivasan, a public opinion analyst at Bloomberg, said that 20% of Apples mobile phone sales come from the Chinese market, so if wechat is removed from Apples app store, it will be a serious obstacle to the development of Apple itself..

In the meantime, things may change again, according to the news agency, because trump often goes back on what he said, and the executive order comes into effect more than 40 days later, and there are still many outstanding issues. Apple can also open its operating system so that users dont have to download apps through the app store, but thats a big change for apple, which has been careful to protect its ecosystem and collect 30% commission from many apps.

In the end, if the ban is implemented and apple cant solve it, Chinese consumers are likely to switch to Huawei, a local high-end smartphone maker. In this way, the ultimate beneficiaries are Chinese enterprises.

Talking about cleaning the Internet with stains

US Secretary of state pompeio has announced that the United States will launch a net net operation to remove Chinese companies from the US internet, the BBC reported. Critics believe that if the United States carries out the so-called net action, the global Internet will be subject to more restrictions, and will eventually become a divided network, which is no longer a global open and borderless Internet.

At the same time, some European critics have also mentioned the prism monitoring plan of the United States many years ago, pointing the finger at the US government and accusing the US government of being the habitual offender in monitoring the world. It is worth noting that in the plan, nine U.S. Internet giants, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and apple, are all involved in the plan.

In 2013, Snowden exposed prism and other large-scale secret monitoring projects of US intelligence agencies, which shocked international public opinion. According to the documents disclosed by Snowden, the prism project not only monitors American citizens and residents, but also French, German and other European political leaders and people. For a time, the U.S. government has been pushed to the forefront of threats to global network security.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said that pompeio and other US politicians have repeatedly abused state power to suppress and contain Chinas high-tech enterprises under the pretext of safeguarding national security. China firmly opposes this. The US sides practice has no factual basis at all. It is totally malicious slander and political manipulation. Its essence is to maintain its high-tech monopoly position, completely violate the market principles and international economic and trade principles, and seriously threaten the security of the global industrial chain supply chain. It is a typical hegemonic act. Its ridiculous that the United States itself is covered with dirt and talking about cleaning the Internet.