The shooting outside the White House has brought Trumps emergency shelter notice!

 The shooting outside the White House has brought Trumps emergency shelter notice!

Shooting in the White House! Bunker boy trump: you sit down first, Ill hide! (source: original)

The White House complex was not damaged in the incident and the secret service security personnel were not in danger, the statement continued. The office of professional responsibility of the secret service bureau will conduct an internal review on the conduct of the personnel involved. Relevant agencies have also contacted the capital police station to investigate the matter.

US Secret Service twitter screenshot

Earlier in the day, a number of foreign media recorded an emergency scene in the white house when the accident happened: trump was holding an epidemic news conference, an accident happened outside the White House, and trump was escorted away from the press conference site by the staff of the secret service. A senior government official later confirmed to CNN that an active shooter had appeared outside the White House and was being detained.

Thomas Sullivan, head of the secret service, said the suspect, a 51 year old man, claimed to a police officer at about 5:50 p.m. on 17th Street and northwest Pennsylvania Avenue. The man quickly rushed to the police officer at the same time, took out the unknown object from his clothes, squatted into a shooting shape, as if preparing to shoot. Police officers who were attacked then shot the suspect in the body, and the two were taken to hospital. Sullivan said the secret service would conduct an internal review on the shooting of police officers in the follow-up.

Trump and secret service officials did not continue to take questions from reporters. Key details, such as whether police officers were injured in the scuffle, the identity and motivation of the suspects, and whether the related weapons were recovered are still unclear. Two law enforcement officers familiar with the investigation told the Washington Post that no weapons were found at the scene.

According to Agence France Presse, a long-term protester outside the White House said he heard gunshots at about 5:50 p.m., followed by screams. Its a mans voice Then 89 men ran over and pointed their AR-15 at him

Reporters participating in the days news conference said that the door of the press room had been locked, and the secret service had closed all surveillance videos outside the White House. They had no further information.

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