It is often this that really beats marriage

 It is often this that really beats marriage

There is a plot in the TV series I want to fall in love so much

Li Mingming, an older single woman, fell in love with Gao Yuan, a drama actor. Gao Yuan is the love of many female fans. Li Mingming is very glad to have such a male god and cherish their feelings.

Every day after work, she volunteered to pick up her boyfriend and, like her mother, brought all kinds of food and drink to him.

Gao Yuan was embarrassed and mumbled, can you stop picking me up in the future? My colleagues are laughing at me

Liming Lang was not happy to hear this. She was always moved by her beautiful pick up hero behavior. The result was good. Gao Yuan took her kindness as a donkeys liver and lung.

Some time ago, Mrs. Liu came to my emotional counseling room. As soon as she came in, she scolded her husband as a white eyed wolf. She said that she had worked hard and worked hard to be nice to her husband. As a result, her husband was not only ungrateful, but also clamored to be separated from her.

In her description, I learned that before they had dinner with friends, she was worried about her husbands poor health. In front of her friends, she would clip pig liver to her husband for a while, eat more and enrich blood; for a while, she would not allow her husband to drink, which would hurt his body and kidney.

Her husband blushed with embarrassment in front of the public, but she cared about her husbands absence.

She felt that her husband was too tired to start a business. She resigned without consulting her husband and became a housewife. She changed her ways to serve her husband. She made more than ten phone calls a day to ask for help, whether her husband was in a meeting or not.

Until one day, the husband was completely crazy: the children are in charge of school, can you go out to work? I dont want a nanny, I want a wife who can communicate with me well!

Why are you ungrateful to me for your kindness? This kind of emotional dislocation is too common in life.

Why does he change his mind when you treat him so well?

Why is he dissatisfied when you ask him to put out his clothes and open his mouth?

You have given him everything. Why is he ungrateful?

In fact, behind the desperate to be nice to him, is a kind of psychology to control the other party by pleasing each other.

If you dont care about each other from the bottom of your heart, just think I want to give, he must repay me, rather than what he wants, I will give it again, the other party will naturally feel your pressure.

He would think, if I accept her pear this time, she will let me eat a bigger pear next time, so I dont want this pear.

A person who is immersed in his own love story will not put the spotlight on the other party, and certainly will not understand the other partys inner feelings and needs. He will only give and give, and he will be moved by what he has given. In fact, the other party does not feel moved, but feels great pressure.

Last week, I brushed and shook my voice tiktok.

A girl was packing snacks for her boyfriend in the dormitory. She peeled the grapefruit petals, smashed the hazelnuts one by one, arranged the biscuits one by one, and sent them away in the sterile sealed bag she bought.

Girl, I used to be like this, but he didnt like it at all. Its better to fill his game skin with RMB. I made a cake for my ex boyfriend. He ate it once, and then he got bored and said he didnt like cake at all. Its not that Im bad at singing and I can only move myself. Id better not do it.

You want to take out your whole heart to him, but he shakes his head and says goodbye.. Your honey, his arsenic.

When young, who hasnt abandoned reason for love? But why do you still bring this growing mentality into marriage? Young boyfriends will refuse your homemade cake, and your husband can also refuse your hard work ah!

First of all, we must know the real needs of the other party. Does he prefer apples or pears? Does he like to drink and sing with you or do he like to drink with you? Is he in love with a hardworking housewife or a professional woman with independent consciousness? Only when you understand clearly, can you have a target.

Secondly, the more intelligent people are, the less eager they are to ask for and repay. The best way to give is to let the other party have no pressure. Otherwise, the charity you do just touches yourself. Others not only disapprove of it, but also feel that you are trying to show off your superiority rather than really want to help him.

Two hearts close, must be between each other constantly to and back, pay and receive, only moved their own love, not love, can not win happiness.