Three words of advice for all women in the ending of only thirty

 Three words of advice for all women in the ending of only thirty

Gu Jia went from being a full-time wife in the upper class with a strong ability to identify green tea to being unfaithful, her husband in prison, and divorce, leaving Shanghai with her son.

Wang mani from the beginning want to rely on men to harvest a happy life to finally recognize what they really want, a relaxed study abroad.

The three women also gave us three pieces of advice from their own experiences.


1. Marriage is not a haven. Everyone has to ride the storm

In fact, the mode of getting along between Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu is the most similar to us in real life.

Ming Ming was lucky to be together, but after marriage, both of them began to escape from reality. Chen Yu closed himself with fish farming. Zhong Xiaoqin went to work on time and went to work after work. The two washed their own clothes and talked only about business.

But this kind of life makes Zhong Xiaoqin more and more powerless. It is more fatal for her not to feel her husbands love than to cheat. Finally, the two divorce with the blessing of cold violence.

After her divorce, she began to use novels to record her life and feelings, and made the first sum of 1.56 million by writing novels. Since then, she has found her love and her own value. She has got rid of the good old man in the workplace and has become more and more confident.

Marriage is really not a safe haven. No matter for men or women, only by constantly riding the wind and waves can you see a better self.

2. Love and marriage may betray you. Investing in yourself is the hard truth

Gu Jia is a full-time wife with strong ability and good personality. She assists her husband to open a fireworks factory. She never shows weakness in identifying green tea. She joins the wife circle for her son, but such a perfect woman does not escape the fate of her husbands cheating.

Many people say that in the first half of my life, Chen Junshengs cheating is because Luo Zijun has no empathy. But Gu Jia is so excellent, why does Xu Huashan cheat?

But love and marriage are always full of unknowns and challenges. Fortunately, Gu Jia is a strong and tough woman. She runs for the tea factory and dares to break away from her wifes circle. Although Xu Huashan was derailed and jailed, she still does her utmost to help Xu Huashan deal with the miscellaneous affairs, and gradually makes her tea factory on the right track.

Wang mani worked hard in Shanghai and got to know many high-class social contacts through her own efforts and will. Her long-sighted eyes and high expectations are her characteristics. In fact, it is also the obsession of every woman working outside.

After falling in love with Sea King Liang Zhengxian, she went back to her hometown dejectedly. However, she also found that her hometown was out of tune with herself. For a time, she could not find her own home.

After the constant change of mood, when she returned to Shanghai again, she was able to accomplish the impossible tasks excellently, and she also got the opportunity to be the store manager of mishia.

However, Wang mani made a decision that was very different from what she would make. She refused the invitation of the store manager and chose to study abroad to enrich herself.

In fact, in Shanghai, Wang mani has to work harder than Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin, but she has also found the wrong direction. Fortunately, she finally understands that only by improving herself can she enjoy it.