Never marry casually

 Never marry casually

Maybe they are just two people who have a good feeling, because they are at the right age for marriage. They just need it and you are just there. They have to exaggerate this little love into love.

They may only say that they love you, sick will only let you drink more hot water, rain will only tell you to pay attention to safety. But they will never take care of you by your side, and they will not pick you up at night when it rains cats and dogs.

More often than not, you will talk about marriage within a few days. He will take you back to see your parents and say that this girl is very suitable for me. You mistakenly mistakenly think that this is a lifelong commitment, and then you get married casually. But what he wanted was a marriage, not a relationship.

So Im sorry, if your marriage is just suitable, then Id rather be single all my life.


Last night, I had an old high school friend Jingjing who told me on the phone that she still decided to divorce. I talked to her for two hours before I realized how beautiful the marriage was and how bad the real life was.

The acquaintance of Jingjing and her husband was introduced by her family. In the eyes of Jingjings parents, this man is the most suitable marriage partner for her. They have the same family conditions, have a house and a car, and look very stable and steady.

At the beginning, Jingjing took a try mentality to associate with this man. Although she didnt like how much she liked it, she didnt hate it. In her opinion, marriage may be like this. If you find a person with good family conditions and a person with a relatively suitable personality, you can walk together for a lifetime.

But it was such a mentality that she seemed to fall into a trap, and it was difficult to retreat. In their sixth month of love, their parents had already started to prepare for their wedding. Jingjing said that at that time, she felt like fat on the chopping board, which was arbitrary.

After marriage, they gave birth to a baby according to their parents wishes, but her husbands shortcomings began to be exposed when she was pregnant. He began to stay at night and began to rub hands and feet on Jingjing. In addition, her mother-in-laws incomprehension and traditional ideas always made her stop talking.

Until later, Jingjings friend saw her husband and other women cuddle in the night, and even several women succeeded in catching rape together.

At that moment, Jingjing seems to see the next few decades of life, is a gray.


In fact, after listening to Jingjings story, I cant help but think of a paragraph that Zhang Jiajia once said: now girls are always looking for a man, a man whose house and car work have been completed, and a man whose material life is nearly perfect.

However, this kind of ready-made economic conditions are like a pot of dead shrimp. They are not suffering. They are soft and easy to fry and put in your bowl. Although their surface is bright, their meat is loose and smelly. They cry when they eat and even have diarrhea the next day.

I used to think that marriage can last a lifetime as long as the couple is willing to. But later, when I saw many friends walking into the marriage, I found that there were more additional conditions. Maybe you should not only match each other, accommodate each other from time to time, balance the relationship between work and family, and even sometimes you have to advance and retreat with him at any time.

If you dont do it well enough, it may threaten the marriage, so for two immature people, these additional conditions will be the most fatal blow to the collapse of marriage.

In love, girls are too easy to leave with their own feelings. It is easy to get along with each other for a few days. It is also easy to be soft hearted because of a few words of advice from family members. It is even easier for a man to say three or two good words without marrying each other.


Sweet talk is the most unreliable thing. Just like before, Li Chen also said that he would always protect Zhang Xinyu. Zhang Han also said that Zheng Shuang was his favorite woman. The article also said that Ma Yili was the most proud person in his life.

Mens promise is only at that time, with the change of time, the heart is the easiest thing to change. In the face of sensibility, we often forget the simple truth that it takes a long time to see peoples hearts.

Most things in life may be casual, but your marriage is absolutely not. Choosing a person means choosing the rest of your life. It determines what kind of person you are loved by in the next few decades.

Although no one can see where is the best destination, and no one can guarantee that a marriage must be consistent.

But I hope that before you decide to marry this person, you must remember not to let impulse, passion and arbitrariness determine your future and miss the chance to meet a better love, right?