Carnegie: the women who can do these three things are often emotional judo masters

 Carnegie: the women who can do these three things are often emotional judo masters

Her family advised her that the boy might have personality problems, and he even had to check her contact with her family and chat records.

We advised her that this boy may not be reliable, a man, cut off all your social contact, clearly want to control you mentally.

However, in love, she did not listen to advice, after being brainwashed by her boyfriend, we felt that we envied her happiness and could not see her well.

Love for a year, all kinds of quarrels, the boy brainwashed her, all kinds of cold violence, constantly destroyed her confidence, constantly denied her, let her feel: once left him, she is nothing, and no one will want her.

Once there is a conflict between the two people, she always bows her head and takes the initiative to apologize, admit her mistake, and even sends her a huge red envelope to her boyfriend. He only takes care of her. When the money is less, she throws her face back.

Later, she was tired, and her boyfriend spent all her money, so she finally broke up.

However, for a long time after the breakup, she couldnt believe the meaning of her life.

There is a good saying: no one can make you give up your dream, except yourself.

Love brain need to wait for their own injury, will not turn back, especially hurt to no dignity.

Many silly girls think that love is like a job. The more you pay, the more you deserve.

However, they have never understood the rules of the game in love.

Sometimes, the more you take the initiative to pay, the more they dont care, even as a burden.

As a result, the more you pay, the more you lose, but you dont think about how to take the initiative at the beginning of love?


Strength is far more important than luck. Meeting true love may require a bit of luck, but understanding appreciation + worthy can be achieved through learning and understanding.

Some girls may ask: do you still need to learn to fall in love?

Of course, many girls are excellent in their studies and work, but they are unable to handle the relationship between the sexes and manage a long-term intimate relationship, which leads to low love satisfaction.

Love is the process of Practicing love. It is not only how to choose the object, but also how to understand, understand and love oneself, and how to understand each other and understand each other.

The famous British sexual psychologist Charles Charles said: charm is a womans strength, just as strength is a mans charm.

Carnegie, known as the father of American modern adult education, put forward in his book Carnegies advice on womens life happiness

Judo here does not refer to sports, but refers to a kind of spiritual strength. When a woman has the spirit of judo, she has strength in her heart, and her approach to things is mature.

Carnegie said that the women who can achieve these three points are often emotional judo masters and can also make the men you like to have a good impression on you.

It is a win-win result for both sides to be tolerant to those who like themselves.

Recognize him and let him get a sense of worship, so that his sense of value can be reflected.

u25cf talk about the topics he is interested in and stimulate others desire for expression.

Why do you say that?

The first is for those who please themselves.

Before the date, would you choose to wait in silence or take time together to dress up?

Facts have proved that people who choose to dress up can get the surprise of love.

Between men and women, the first step of love is sensory understanding. People with interesting and good-looking soul often make people excited. Therefore, the first impression should start from the visual and auditory aspects.

If a boy doesnt give us a good first impression, he will not be interested in wasting time with him.

Therefore, a delicate make-up, appropriate clothes, not only to please themselves, but also to harvest another unexpected effect.

It will make men feel that their self-esteem is satisfied and valued by the opposite sex. When they have satisfied their self-esteem, they have actually conquered half of them.

Second: recognize him and let him get a sense of worship.

My parents marriage gave me a lot of inspiration. In my impression, they have always been very loving, as if they had never quarreled.

The age of marriage has been 30 years, but everything seems to have not changed.

Think about it, in my mothers affectionate eyes, she often found my fathers new advantages, and sincerely praised my father.

Carnegie summed up the skills of worshipping each other. The first point is to be from the heart. Sincerity always comes first, and it should be expressed in time.

If you dont express your ideas, the other party wont know about it. In this way, your recognition and worship will lose its significance.

Third: talk about the topics he is interested in.

In this regard, President Roosevelt of the United States is an expert in communication with people. He has a magic power to talk freely with people of any class, and gain the favor of each other.

Later, someone discovered the magic of Roosevelt. It turned out that Roosevelt only made a preparation in advance before meeting each visitor

Collect topics of interest to guests, whether its entertainment, gossip, or life trivia, so that in the conversation, he can always lead the other party to talk about the topics he is interested in.

The so-called skill, the road to Jane, actually is to talk about the topic that the other party is interested in and satisfy others desire to share.

Unfortunately, not many people know and do it, especially in relationships.

In addition, Carnegie has met many women in his long-term work practice, including ordinary people, entertainment stars and business celebrities.

Through the in-depth study of their life wishes, troubles in life, and womens physiological psychology, Carnegie has a wise insight and incisive understanding of life on how to obtain happiness for women, and sums up the skills of how to obtain happiness.

Even Warren Buffett said: I began to read Mr. Carnegies works since I was 8 years old. Todays young people, the earlier you read Carnegies works, the earlier your life will be inspired.

Such a high evaluation is enough to see Carnegies works deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and enlighten the mind.

In Carnegies life happiness advice to women, Carnegie also put forward different happiness advice from different stages of women.

It includes:

The nine basic skills of womens life, how to be a charming woman, how to make a man like you, how to change him without hurting his feelings, etc. the contents of the seven sections teach women to know self love, self-improvement, self-sufficiency, and get emotional fullness.

You should know that a long-term and beautiful partnership must start from loving yourself and loving a right person. By learning the correct concept and method of choosing a spouse, we will not miss the good relationship because of shortsightedness.


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