If a person betrays you, what abnormal reactions will there be

 If a person betrays you, what abnormal reactions will there be

1u3001 Focus on external image

This is the simplest truth. The Betrayer, in front of a third party, will of course pay great attention to his image, especially in the early stage of betrayal; but not in front of you, because you are already an old husband and wife, it doesnt matter.

If a person suddenly cares about his image and spends time every day on his clothes, decorations and face, he should be vigilant. Do you think betrayal is all based on emotion? Most betrayal is nothing more than physiological desire. Then, physiological attraction is directly reflected in image.

2u3001 Changes in living habits

It takes time and space to invest in betrayal. A persons Day is 24 hours. When he has betrayal, a lot of time will be put into it. It is not taboo to say that the TA at this time is more involved than when he was in love with you, so his life rhythm will certainly change.

So, the best reason and excuse is to work overtime and socialize or even go on a business trip. When TA frequently works overtime for a period of time, and in this process, it often fails to answer the phone and return the information, which is basically a problem.

As for the busy information of our family, if we dont answer the phone frequently, we cant complain about it And Ta didnt respond to anything. Then a long time later, he returned the message and said, I didnt hear something just now. Whats the matter....

Betrayal also needs space, so the mobile phone must be closely watched and never let you touch it. If you dont believe it, you can try it. If you suddenly want to move the TA mobile phone, you will understand the intense reaction. In addition, when they look at their mobile phones, they will deliberately avoid you or observe whether you pay attention to them. Sometimes, when it is very late, they still play with their mobile phones. On the one hand, they say that they are too tired to work overtime, and on the other hand, they can see the depth of the night when they look at their mobile phones, which are all abnormal reactions.

3u3001 Bad attitude towards you

This is an important reference to measure whether the other party betrays himself.

The contradiction between husband and wife is inevitable, and the two people will also have a cold war. However, without betrayal, after a period of stalemate, the two sides will eventually lose their breath, because their feelings are still with each other. The cold war or stalemate will not be comfortable and will ease up sooner or later.

However, betrayal is different. In the case of betrayal, the other party doesnt care about you. Moreover, because the third party has provided emotional value to TA, he doesnt need to get it from you. Correspondingly, he doesnt care whether the relationship with you is good or bad. Even TA may deliberately create opportunities to let two people fall into the cold war, because under the cold war state, Ta is more sufficient Enough reason to ignore you, to come home or not and so on.

4u3001 Its just a little bit explosive

Betrayal will certainly have some behaviors, and these behaviors are actually very difficult to round. For example, you find that TA has Hotel consumption records and online shopping records, but they are not bought for you, and there are also some anomalies such as Valentines day, 520, including time, whereabouts, consumption and so on. When you are suspicious, you ask TA, and TA will certainly explain, but black and white is white A is guilty and Ta knows that some things cant be explained clearly. At this time, Ta becomes flammable and explosive.

If you have a little common sense of psychology, you should be clear that this is just a manifestation of problems, not emotions. If a person really has nothing, Ta is not willing to explain again at most, but it will not explode at all.

It is particularly important to note that at this time, if the other side bites back, it is basically 100% problematic. For example, if you suspect TA, he avoids talking about his own problems and doesnt explain them. Instead, he says that you are idle, that you are nervous, that you dont trust TA, that you dont understand TA, that he works hard and is under great pressure; that you dont want to live a good life

In fact, the Betrayer is not so clever. If you look back in the future, you will find that the cover up and deception of TA were very poor. However, why were you not sure at the beginning? You didnt even doubt TA, but suspected yourself? Because you dont believe that the other party will betray you. You hope your doubts are wrong. If your doubts are wrong, on the contrary, your heart will be steady

However, betrayal is betrayal, not because you start to doubt, the other party will end, nor because you always choose to trust, will always be deceived; finally, there will be a day when the truth will be restored, there will be a day when the false image will be exposed, sooner or later.