If you want to get wealth and freedom, the first step is to learn it. Its anti human

 If you want to get wealth and freedom, the first step is to learn it. Its anti human

I feel that I have no value-added in recent years. Some of them are only familiar with the companys various processes and some experience in talking to customers. However, if the company changes, I feel that the value of this product is not high.

In recent years, I have thought about learning something many times, but I feel that most of the free information is taken out of context and has no value. Leng University said that we should be result oriented and learn anything in depth. After paying for one years study, I feel that there is no output.

Affected by this years epidemic, the income is only half of that of last year. In my heart, I hope that I can become a valuable person, and I can constantly appreciate myself.

But what Im doing is really different from what I want. At present, it is difficult to develop new business customers, and the return visit of old customers can not make any orders. The sense of value in the company is getting lower and lower. With the increase of age, I feel that I am devaluing.

I hope that Leng university can point out some specific strategic points, such as some specific courses to improve financial intelligence, specific learning channels that can produce practical results, and knowledge payment platform that can add value to itself.

Onstage Question

Interactive feedback

Leng: this question is very good. Lets discuss it. In your mind, what is knowledge payment?

Mi (not his real name): I remember Leng University said that paid learning is the fastest. Maybe some people like free learning, but I feel that it is useless.

Mi: I feel, 20000.

Leng: 20000 yuan. How much money do you want to spend on your study?

M: is that the total? Or just how much more can be added?

Leng: total.

M: I dont think that you can make money after learning, but you can make money gradually after you improve your ability in the accumulation process of doing.

Leng: my view is different from that of you. I think many people seem to be learning, but in fact, they just avoid anxiety.

The first is to acquire a kind of fair value recognized by the society through learning.

For example, a person with their own efforts into Tsinghua University, Peking University or 985, 211 colleges and so on.

This kind of diploma education has a knock on the door effect or proof effect in society.

But obviously youre not in this situation right now. You are now part of a continuing education of yourself.

In the so-called continuing education, the most effective way to learn is to obtain cash value through learning.

In short, is the study conducted by a person capable of testing the results of his work, wealth and other aspects?

For example, if you go to learn a skill now, how much profit can this skill bring to you, you can calculate its return on investment ratio.

For example, if a person doesnt have a job now, he may spend thousands of yuan to get a drivers license, and then he will spend several thousand yuan a month to rent a car.

As a result, this business can earn him thousands of yuan a month. He may work for more than half a year and earn back his driving license test money. This is a good return on investment ratio.

For example, there are many difficult certificates in the market, such as judicial examination, first-class construction engineer, and certified public accountant. After the examination, there is usually a fair market price. After taking this certificate, it is very intuitive to know how much money you can earn.

Take the accounting industry as an example, there will be an obvious income gap between being admitted to the registration society and not being admitted to the society. If not, there will always be thousands of yuan more in a month.

What does fair price mean?

If there is no fair value after learning, it will be difficult to realize the knowledge payment mentioned by this girl.

So I think the learning result is better.

If you cant evaluate the results of learning, you must be highly relevant to your work.

For example, suppose I go to do wechat business now, and then I find that a course is helpful to my sales ability, so I spend money to listen to this course. After that, my sales ability has really improved.

This kind of study, has a relatively big change function in the work.

To sum up, academic education or adult education, which can directly evaluate the effect, are two common so-called learning.

Some are not learning, but investing.

For example, we have invested time and energy to attend the creation meeting, but we did not immediately make money for ourselves, but it may be a value investment belonging to life.

It is not a value that can be shown at this moment, but may be a long-term value.

Therefore, I suggest that you can have these two different types of planning:

There is also a long-term investment, such as attending a course that can really improve your English level, which will benefit the future.

Question on the spot: if you dont ask for the value that can be realized immediately, just interested?

This is what we referred to earlier as recreation..

For example, if you come to my creation meeting, it is entertainment for many people. Many people spend 100 yuan, and some dont even spend money. This is called entertainment.

Maybe you could watch TV or watch an IMAX movie for 120 yuan in the evening. Now you can watch a reality show for two hours for 100 yuan.

I know that some peoples entertainment mentality is: I have nothing to do. I go to see this creation meeting called Lengai at night, pretend to be studying, and avoid anxiety anyway.

This is called entertainment, so dont cheat yourself. Its over to know that you are here for entertainment.

For all of us, this kind of thing can be classified as entertainment -- take a look at the cold love alive.

This experience can also be used as an experience in ones life.

Interactive feedback

M: I have been connected with the official account for many years. This is the first time that I can communicate with you in cold and cold way through video. It is really very happy.

What I want to ask is that I always want to improve my financial intelligence education, but I think most of the courses on the market are cutting leeks, so how to improve my financial intelligence?

Leng: in addition to the question you just asked, I also saw someone on the public screen saying, the opportunity to create wealth in the financial market is coming. Is there any advanced course for wealth freedom?

Now I wonder how I can speak without hurting you.

Actually, Im worried.

You know, the more this bull market is, the more I worry about you.

I come to interview this classmate. I dont know how much money you have saved after working for so many years?

Mi: I saved a little money.

Leng: how much is a little bit?

M: actually, you mean to say that for me, theres no need to think about this, right?

Leng: No, I think its necessary to think about it, but I think most of the financial intelligence courses in the market are worthless.

u201dI think the accumulation of wealth can be divided into several stages.

I dont know if you have read my article how can we quickly catch up with and surpass my peers and realize class counter attack? This is the best way. You can go to understand what you havent seen.

Those who have read this article will know that my advice on wealth accumulation is as follows:

I dont think we should learn the so-called investment at the beginning. Investment is something that can be learned at a certain stage.

Many people now have to learn how to save their money and save it.

I know that you may be worried about inflation and things like that. I would like to say that irrational investment makes it easy to lose the principal.

What I said may be anti humanity, or contrary to what most people say or what financial intelligence education tells you.

But I mean simply, saving is a skill we need to learn before we learn to invest.

What a lot of people may need to learn is whether to invest or save.

In this way, it may go against many theories of financial intelligence education.

But I personally think that learning to save is the most important financial intelligence education.

If one can save money first, it is better than anything.

Are you bored after listening to it? Think Im going to talk about a way to make money or recommend a course?

Ill tell you what really works is that it sounds boring and doesnt sound exciting at all.

Those exciting things, teach you a way to make you rich overnight, what you can do tomorrow.

But I tell you how to save money. It sounds boring, but there are so many things to do.

For example, how to learn how to keep accounts, how to control expenses, how to buy the first house for self use, which has a lot of homework to do.

Interactive feedback

M: eight years.

Leng: I havent saved much money for eight years. Dont you think what you should learn first is saving skills?

M: because I think I cant save the down payment of a house even if I save it. I dont think its useful and I cant do anything.

Leng: listen to you, I really think financial intelligence education is very important now. If I want to open a wealth course, the first thing I want to criticize is your wrong thinking, which is really wrong.

Id like to ask you a question. In the past eight years, if you didnt spend the money, what was your original total income?

M: how could there be hundreds of thousands of them?

Leng: 200000 or 1 million? Didnt you calculate the total income for eight years?

M: the total income in eight years should be about one million less.

Leng: do you live at home or outside?

Mi: I live at home.

Leng: do you think you cant save a down payment in the past eight years? There you are.

M: but what you need to spend is gone.

Leng: you see, you havent formed a basic concept until now. You havent learned to walk. You just want to run and fly.

What Im talking about now is that you have to learn to save first and walk first.

In the past eight years, if you can save half of a million, you have already paid a down payment.

M: Well, it is.

Leng: Ive finished. You say its too painful.

M: its just that you cant be impatient and accumulate step by step.

Leng: in fact, I have roughly understood your dilemma. Your dilemma is that your ability cant keep up with your ambition.

M: you just said the first question. You can find some practical and valuable aspects to learn from.

Leng: dont dont dont, I think what you need to learn now is not to spend money, save money first.

Ill give you an assignment. Before the Spring Festival this year, please make a plan for yourself. From now on, save half of your income.

No matter what method you use, you can save it until the Spring Festival and tell me about it at the creation meeting.

You will find that you have an impulse to spend money. Ive talked to you about it until now. I cant resist your impulse. If you always have an impulse to spend your money, how can you become a rich man?

So its very simple. Dont spend any more money. Dont spend all that money.

You just try to save half of your income. Dont think about it. Todays currency has depreciated. It doesnt matter to you.

If you cant even save, it doesnt matter whether the currency depreciates or not.

Dont talk about how to make a lot of money. Please save the small money first.

Its like some people always tell me that if you want to do a big business, Ill always say, before you do a big one, can you start a small one first?

If you cant do small business, how to do big business?

M: I want to be a slash youth in my spare time. Can I find a practical and capable sideline?

Leng: dont slash young people, you open Didi, you send takeout.

I find that what you do is to make yourself happy.

If you really want to be a slash youth, please do something that makes you uncomfortable, OK? Your next step is to take out after work.

M: shall I deliver the takeaway?

M: Yes.

Leng: what do you need to invest in delivery? What are the risks? Will delivery cost you money?

M: No.

Leng: No, can you figure out how much an hours delivery is worth? Certainly.

If you cant find a so-called sideline with less risk and more income than delivery, it means that the value of those sideline skills is not more than that of delivery.

You dont want to take out. I know. Im just giving you an example. I didnt ask you to actually deliver.

u201dI mean, to do anything, you have to consider three points:

First, how risky.

Second, how much revenue.

Third, the overall input-output ratio.

If one thing or a business model cant earn more than delivering or opening Didi, why not send out or open didi?

Its just because I think its humiliating, or its hard, or its just not willing.

Leng: I saw someone say on the public screen that I began to hurt people again.

M: it doesnt matter. I can take it.

Leng: slash youth, if the slash is to make yourself more comfortable, dont cheat yourself, its better to go to entertainment.

Watching TV at home is cheaper than making a slash and learning something.

Watching TV at home, I didnt spend money, but I saved money.

If you dont do anything, just lie down and watch TV. Please, watching TV is better than going to the so-called study.

Dont search Taobao. Its money to open Taobao.

I want to ask, can you find something to do without spending money and making money now?

Do you know what makes money now?

M: Im thinking about that right now.

Leng: tell me what you can do to make money. What can you do except deliver takeaway?

M: I think we can only sell our time and physical strength to earn money. There is no risk in this way. Otherwise, everything will be at risk.

Leng: can you go to McDonalds or KFC?

M: cant I take a short video course and figure out some short videos myself?

Leng: Yes, well, its time to enter a range called return and risk.

How much is your investment? For example, do you spend hundreds, thousands, or how much money to learn this short video, and how much profit can this short video bring to you? How much pain would you like to eat?

You do short video we are very welcome, we have a short video class, you can learn a few hundred yuan.

Will you really do it after the short video course?

Leng: Well, if you go to study, the short video course costs only a few hundred yuan, which is much less than the financial intelligence education.

M: but its about doing things. Didnt you say in your previous article that you dont have to rely on doing things to make money?

Leng: you can make money if you dont work. You have to have capital first, but you dont have it.

If you want to have a million dollars now, Ill tell you how to make money, but you dont have capital now, so you can only earn money without risk.

I dont know why I spend so much time chatting with you all of a sudden. Maybe its because you have a quality of telling the truth that attracts me.

I dont know if other people find it interesting, but I think its interesting. Your sighing is like my sisters.

I have a sister like you. Every time I ask her, what do you want to do?

I told her, you want to earn money by doing nothing, you can make money by lying down?

I just want to lie down and make money, she says.

I told her that if you want to lie down and make money, dont spend money is to make money.

She worked in a bank, and she learned later that not spending money is the best way to make money.

Finally, with regard to wealth, I have to emphasize what I have been saying to you: if you want to have a life of service security and financial freedom, the most important thing is to learn to save.

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