Chinese student stabbed to death in an American apartment

 Chinese student stabbed to death in an American apartment

Crime apartment

According to the North American Chinese E-Net, both are Chinese. According to social media, the deceased Ge Yuting was from Tianjin, China, and graduated from Tianjin University of technology.

Notice from Stevens Institute of Technology

At noon on August 8, local time, Jersey City police station received a police report that a suspicious situation appeared in a local apartment near harton street. After the police arrived, they found a 23-year-old male dead at the scene, and later confirmed that the deceased was Ge Yuting, with multiple knife wounds and lacerations all over his body. Police lock the biggest suspect as missing roommate Cheng Tong.

On Sunday afternoon, Stevens Polytechnic police issued a wanted notice.

The suspect was arrested at a hotel 10 minutes from the scene of the crime

In the early hours of Monday (August 10), police reported that Cheng Tong, a suspect, was arrested in a hotel 10 minutes from his apartment. It is reported that the prosecution will prosecute Cheng Tong on charges of first-degree murder, third degree illegal possession of weapons and fourth level illegal possession of weapons.

The case is still in progress.

The murder case of a 21-year-old Chinese student who killed a 28 year old Chinese female roommate opened in Sydney with a chilling motive

Dong Shuo, a 21-year-old Chinese student, recently held a sentencing hearing in the Supreme Court of New South Wales for the murder of a Chinese woman Yu Qi in 2018.

Two years ago, there was a homicide in Australia. Both the dead and the murderer were Chinese students.

On August 6, the case was heard again in the new state high court. Yu Zhihe, the father of Yu Qi, and he Qin, his mother, attended the court.

Yus parents filed a victim impact statement with the new state Supreme Court, which said Dong Shuos visa had been cancelled.

The statement pointed out that the reason for the killing of Yu Qi was that Dong Shuo had told Yu Qi that his student visa had been cancelled by the Immigration Bureau, and that he was afraid that Yu Qi would report that he was an illegal immigrant and that he was afraid of being sent back to his country.

We think he would rather go to prison than go back home, the statement said

The victim, Yu Qi, came to Australia in 2009 and has completed his bachelors degree in electronic engineering and masters degree in telecommunications at the University of New South Wales.

Victim Yu Qi (AAP)

Her parents described her as smart, beautiful, lovely, lively and innocent. He also said that Yu Qi always believed that Australia is a very safe society, and did not know much about the evils in society, and had no idea of the malice that others might harbor..

Our family has been devastated and our entire family has been destroyed, the statement concluded. I hope justice can be done, justice can be recovered for my daughter, and Dong Shuo, the murderer, will be severely punished!

At last months sentencing hearing, Dong Shuo pleaded for mental illness and provided psychiatric identification materials.

The murderer Dong Shuo (AAP)

On June 8, 2018, Yu Qi, 28, disappeared in her residence, campsie. At 9 a.m. the next morning, her roommate called the police about her disappearance.

On June 26, Yu Qi asked for help from her parents for the first time. During this period, many Chinese groups spontaneously formed search and rescue teams to search according to clues disclosed by the police.

On July 25, police took Yu Qis mobile phone records as clues, and found a wrapped body in the jungle near an emergency stop point on M1 highway of Mount kuring Gai, and pointed out that this was the body of Yu Qi who had been missing for nearly seven weeks.

On August 2, the police officially confirmed the identity of the deceased as Yu Qi. According to relevant documents, the suspect murdered the landlord Yu Qi between 7:30 pm on June 8 and 9:00 am on June 9, 2018.

With the deepening of the police investigation, the suspect is locked in Yu Qis roommate. In the trial, Dong Shuo quickly confessed to the crime of killing and throwing his body, and was formally arrested and jailed in December 2018.

Although Dong Shuo has pleaded guilty on December 4, 2019. But he has been hesitating about the motive of killing his roommate.

This behavior is obviously difficult for the families of victims to accept. In order to find out why her daughter died, the family members of the victims spent as long as two years searching for evidence, and finally the truth of the case came to the surface.

Before Yu Qis accident, she mentioned her roommate in a conversation with her parents. She and Dong Shuo shared a house in campsie, Sydney. After less than three weeks of sharing rent, Yu Qi found that Dong Shuos student visa had expired. Worried that Yu Qi would report his illegal stay in Australia, Dong Shuo said he would move out on June 9.

What is more chilling is that during the investigation, the police found that Dong Shuo had searched the Internet two days before the crime for the relevant entries of how to determine the penalty for murder in Australia and comparison of criminal penalties for juvenile delinquency between China and Australia.

The content of Dong Shuos search also includes more legal knowledge, such as: how to sentence murder cases in Australia, how long will international murder be sentenced in Australia, penalty scope of international murder, cost of international murder, etc. It even includes how to determine a case as an international murder.

The police speculated that he was relaxed when searching for these materials. Whats more surprising is that he even confirmed on the Internet that there is no death penalty in Australia before killing people, so he can live safely in prison even if he kills people.

He also searched more than 10 locations in Sydney, such as Royal National Park, mount colah and belorra, in order to find suitable sites for body disposal. In the end, he chose to dump his body in Mount colah.

How cold-blooded and selfish can you do all this! The cruel killing of compatriots roommates destroys the happiness of a person and a family!

At first, Dong Shuo thought that putting him in prison was what he wanted most, so that he could stay in Australia. Now that he is fed up with his life in prison, he begins to exonerate himself on the grounds that he has a serious history of violence and is suffering from schizophrenia.

It is reported that his father submitted a document to the court, saying that Dong Shuo was schizophrenic and worried that Yu Qi would report him to the Immigration Bureau.

But his previous health reports suggest that his mental illness symptoms may have been self imposed. Therefore, the case was suspended. The judge decided to give Dong Shuo a second psychiatric assessment before making a decision.

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