I only call you a sister: review of the classic image of green arrow in film and TV series

 I only call you a sister: review of the classic image of green arrow in film and TV series

Ten thousand did not expect, be spurt the small three forest of the whole body has not been punished unexpectedly, whole body and retreat!

At the critical moment, we still have to rely on Gu Jia to clean up the mess for Xu Huashan.

Let a group of girls who want to watch the revenge drama are eager to bite their teeth

How to wait for junior three is not a disgrace, everyone shouts?

At the same time, compared with Lin youyou who has been criticized for green tea, Zhong Xiaoyang, who is also digging the wall, is called warm man. Even if he doesnt win the beauty, he still gains a lot of elder sisters heartache.

Its the kind of warm man who looks harmless and considerate on the surface, but actually quite ingenious. He can hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend, and also secretly connotes her boyfriend.

As early as Zhong Xiaoqin had not been divorced, Zhong Xiaoyang has been around her courteous.

No matter big or small things, help her share, accompany her to work overtime, give her encouragement.

Also tea language to say: I only call you a person sister..

Even his colleagues couldnt look down and couldnt help reminding him to pay attention to distance, but Zhong Xiaoyang said without any burden

Not to mention, after Zhong Xiaoqins divorce, he took advantage of Zhong Xiaoqins drunkenness to open her mobile phone without permission and deleted all the call records about Chen Yu.

Also from time to time in the middle of the pick break, want to take advantage of the upper position.

Isnt this the script of green tea lady II popular in the early years?

Most of the girls can accurately distinguish the green tea around them, which is a proper green device on earth. But can you tell who is the green arrow?


Some time ago, the network drama rumored Chen Qianqian aroused a lot of waves.

In the Huayuan City, which is set as women are superior to men, Su Ziying is good at showing weakness and pretending to be poor.

When his wife went out, Su Ziying had a quick eye and a quick hand. He put on a cloak for Chen Qianqian before Han Shuo;

When the wife of another family gets on the carriage, Su Ziying helps others to get on the carriage, and puts down the curtain of the car.

From the beginning to the end, Su Ziying regards Han Shuo, a decent husband, as nothing. Im afraid he is a man who cant bear it.

Therefore, Han Shuo couldnt help saying Su Ziying. Unexpectedly, Su Ziying immediately knelt down to explain that he was just afraid of the third princess suffering from the wind and cold, and secretly put the hat of small bellied chicken intestine on Han Shuos head.

When the three men got on the carriage, they also expressed understanding that:

Its all villains fault. Dont ruin your relationship because of villains.

This move retreat for advance is well used, can take advantage of the weak, counter offensive strong hand, and a hit that hit, so that you can only dumb eat Coptis, bitter can not say..


At the beginning of the epidemic, when many people could only stay at home, a domestic drama about the love between brothers and sisters, the next stop is happiness, became a hit in the new year.

However, the play is open and low, mainly because the female host he Fanxing collapsed.

Knowing clearly that the second male Ye Luming is in love with her, he still enjoys the care of others, which makes the male master misunderstand him and finally breaks up.

Then, our female host he Fanxing and immediately seamless docking, simply and male two about love, is also very green tea.

When he Fanxing had a boyfriend, ye Luming, the second male, rushed to show his affection and courteously. He even went to he Fanxings house to please her parents and buy a foot bath for her mother.

We are just good friends. The subtext is that since we are friends, your boyfriend certainly doesnt mind. What? If he cares, he must have a problem.

Later, when he Fanxing asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend to attend the party, ye Luming also asked clearly:

Why dont you let your boyfriend come?

At the party, he took every opportunity to declare sovereignty in front of the public.

Let a number of netizens because of the destruction of green tea with green arrow, can not help but abandon the drama.


If I were your boyfriend, I would never make you so sad.

If you want to talk about the rice God drama in domestic dramas, I absolutely first recommend the legend of Zhen Huan.

This play is not only closely related, but also often sees Chang Xin.

When I watched the drama, I thought that Guo Jun Wang was really the first infatuated man of all time, but now when I look back, I find that his infatuation cant stand scrutiny.

When he first saw Zhen Huan, the king of Guojun was frivolous and made comments on Zhen Huans feet.

You know, the feet of ancient women cant be shown to men.

Compared with the plum garden of Silang and Zhen Huan, Zhen Huan used the excuse of wet the shoes and socks. As the king of a country, Silang had neither strong pressure nor frivolous words and deeds. On the contrary, he was very gentlemanly and did not go forward.

So a look, Guo Jun Wang seems not to know how to write the word propriety.

Later, the king of Guojun not only made use of the name of appreciating poetry and playing flute for many times, but also made every effort to express his love view when Zhen Huan was frustrated

Only hope to have a sweetheart can accompany, do not ask for a beautiful wife, concubine like clouds, do not make its heart a little bit sad.

Having said that, Guo Jun Wangs confidant is not uncommon, and every time he takes the initiative to tease..

For example, huanbi was rejected by the poisonous tongue emperor for wearing red and green.

Guo Jun Wangs comfort: each flower into each eye, this king think, red with green is very good-looking!

Make huanbi Fang heart dark Xu.

Not to mention Ye Lanyi and Meng Jingxian.

Imagine, if Zhen Huan really married Guo Jun Wang as he wished, could he really achieve harmony between the harps and the harps, and the years are quiet?


There is a sentence in Hals Moving Castle

The world is so big and life is so long, there will always be someone who makes you want to be gentle.

Yes, we cant help but want to be close to each other when we meet the person who makes us excited.

Even with some careful thinking, small tricks, to take the initiative to fight for.

If both parties are single and have a good feeling, it is a good way to warm up the emotion. Because like a person must be clear and clear, warm and soft.

Love that is not clear and warm is as boring as boiled water.

However, some people cant get close to them or touch them. The bottom line is that the other party already has the owner. We must not hold the idea of there is no corner that can not be dug down, only a hoe that does not strive for success.

In addition, married people should refuse to be ambiguous and keep a distance with the opposite sex.

In the face of such punishment, Du Jiang, who has a wifes husband, is embarrassed.

After losing the game, Du Jiang is very difficult to face the approaching of ghosts and ghosts. He subconsciously hides in the past and has no choice but to shout to Huo Siyan in front of the camera

Miss Huo, this is really just a game.

Simple movements, instinctive reactions, are the expression of true sense of propriety.

Of course, some people do not rule out because they are kind and do not know how to refuse.

I have a friend who is a marriage counselor. He is intellectually elegant and has a good relationship with her husband.

Because of her working relationship, she will come into contact with many peoples secret affairs. Many visitors want to develop a relationship with her outside the consulting room.

Later, she would try her best to ensure that both husband and wife were present when they were consulting with each other, and she would definitely refuse after the consultation relationship ended.

The writer Mao Dun said:

On the road of life, there are white fragrant flowers and sharp thorns, but those who love themselves will forget the thorns and just want to have flowers.

At this time, you erect the spines, not only to protect themselves, but also to respect each other.

Finally, I hope everyone can find a love that can hold hands in the sun.